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For this week’s Fit Review Friday, I have a new leather arrival from Banana Republic that now comes in petites! Also, as of writing this post, the current Banana Republic 40% off promotion worked (despite the promo terms excluding leather items), so snatch it up if you’re interested!

As per usual, you can find my measurements for comparison here.




Banana Republic Leather Moto Jacket // Size petite xxs
$498 // as of writing this post, the current 40% off promo worked on this item

The last time Banana Republic released a leather jacket (last fall I think), it only came in regular sizes and knowing it wouldn’t be a very good fit, I didn’t pay it much attention. Last week, while scrolling through the petite new arrivals, I was pleasantly surprised to see it now comes in petite sizes down to xxs! Immediately in the cart she went because I had to give it a try. It’s rare to find leather in petite sizes, especially in decent styles.

It arrived yesterday and I have to say I’m pretty impressed…I think it looks better on than it does on the model. There is a slight hourglass shape to the torso, so it ever so slightly defines a waist, while still maintaining a biker/moto aesthetic. Made in a soft lamb, my first impression upon picking it up was that it was very light, especially compared to the Madewell leather jacket I tried a while back (which was super heavy!). On one hand, I like the idea of a heavy, thick leather, but I have to admit a thinner/lighter leather does more justice for the small of figure and short of height.

This jacket features shoulder epaulettes, quilting at the shoulder and elbow, typical moto asymmetric front zip, and sleeve zippers. I would describe the fit as semi-fitted…size xxs feels neither snug nor oversized on me…but somewhere in the middle. I could easily layer underneath, and the fit with a basic tee looks “relaxed”. I’d love to try this in a size smaller for a snugger fit, but that’s wishful thinking.

Probably my favorite thing about this jacket is the hardware. In a gunmetal tone, the hardware is there, but doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the jacket. It keeps the jacket simple and classic, something you could wear everyday with any color of jewelry or metallic.

As far as leather jackets go, of the handful I’ve tried in this mid-market range, I’d say I’ve felt nicer leather (hello, All Saints!), but this is the best petite fit I’ve found. I was fully expecting to review and then return this jacket because my little Zara TRF leather has been serving me pretty well…but now that I have this in my clutches, I’m seriously considering keeping. After trying both on several times and assessing in the mirror, there is something a bit more sophisticated and versatile about this BR version that is seriously tempting me.

The approximate measurements of size Petite xxs (zipped up) are as follows:

Shoulder: 13.5″
Bust: 16″
Waist: 14.5″
Hip: 15.75″
Sleeve Length: 22″
Bicep: 5.5″
Length (front): 20″
Length (back): 18.5″

For comparison, here’s my current leather….Zara TRF leather jacket in size xs:



Zara TRF Leather Biker Jacket // Size xs

This jacket is slightly shorter, a lot snugger, and when compared to the BR version, feels a bit on the “junior” side. I’ve also had moments of “ugh, I wish the hardware wasn’t so silver” when trying to wear it with gold jewelry.

The approximate measurements of size xs (zipped up) are as follows:

Shoulder: 13″
Bust: 15.5″
Waist: 12.5″
Hip: 13.5″
Sleeve Length: 23″
Bicep: 5.5″
Length (front): 19.5″
Length (back): 18.25″

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  1. says: Vicky

    The jacket looks amazing on you, Kelly! Much better than the stock photo on BR website and I think it also fits better than the Zara one. I ordered the xsp to try. Hope it works for me too. I do agree that leather jackets that fit petites are very rare.

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