White, Blue & Tangerine


After a rainy couple of days, I’m finally able to step outside and take some photos!

Holy moly, my purchases last week have me so excited, I literally have a notebook page filled with outfit idea scribblings. Although the tags are still attached on the white jeans, after seeing these photos, I’m leaning towards “keep”. I was waiting to make the final decision after seeing photos, and it looks like they may have passed the test.

As one of the great mysteries of life and fashion, my experience with white jeans has always been that they run quite a bit bigger than their darker wash counterparts (anyone know why?). For this reason, I’ve never owned a pair of white jeans. With the recent trend towards skin-tight jeggings that fit me normally, this looked like my opportunity to score a pair. After missing out on the Old Navy Rock Star white jeggings that a few other petites had luck with, I went on a mad white jegging ordering spree. 7 For All Mankind, Rich & Skinny, AG Adriano Goldschmied, and J.Brand all made their way to the returns pile. Then these BlankNYC “spray on jeggings” arrived last week and I think I’ve found a winner.


Semi-scandalously tight on the model, these fit snug on me in the thigh, even with a bit of pull-lines just under the tush. I expect these to stretch out with wear and become less noticeable. The back of the knee is a little loose, but fitted against my calf. Faux front pockets keep the front looking clean (no pocket linings peeking through). These photos were my first opportunity to assess the white denim see-through factor, which doesn’t seem to be an issue (I’m wearing nude undies). Decently priced at $88, I got these on further discount using Banana Republic Rewards on Piperlime.

The sweater is a recent purchase from Banana Republic. Sadly, this sweater isn’t available in petites online, but I saw them in petites in my local BR stores. This means size xxsp isn’t available (since it’s not sold in stores), but I found a size xsp to work in a roomy, slouchy kind of way. The mix of khaki, cream, and tangerine tango is spot on for spring and summer, but also comes in a few other colorways, including solids. Rows of buttons at the shoulder are a cute nautical detail.



This blazer is the navy version of the striped H&M blazer I featured before. The sizing has been all over the place, but I think I finally found one that fits small enough for my frame. I ended up buying, comparing and returning four of these blazers in an effort to find a good fit. A little crazy? Perhaps.



PS…when I described this color as Tangerine Tango to the boyfriend, he came up with this video from yesteryear (aka, the 90’s). Anyone else remember this song? =)

Outfit details – H&M blazer (post), size 2 :: Banana Republic sweater, size xsp :: BlankNYC jeans, (also at Piperlime & Shopbop), size 24 :: Christian Louboutin shoes, size 35 :: J.Crew handbag :: BCBGMAXAZRIA necklace :: Daisy Knights ring :: Timex watch :: Bracelets – Pearls, vintage gold link, Alex & Ani (also at Nordstrom) (c/o) (post)

Readers: What do you think? Are these white jeans keepers?

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      1. says: R.L.

         Ooo, thanks for recommending the JewelMint one! Code “JM11” gives 65% off making it only $10.49… which makes it very tempting for me…

  1. says: SusanL33

    Maybe white jeans tend to run bigger because white is less “forgiving” on panty lines and fat bulges?  hehe.  :) But great find, those jeans look great on you!

  2. says: Couturecoco5

    They look GREAT on you. But did they pass the derriere factor in fit? If they do then I don’t see why these can’t be a keeper. Love your whole look! Funnily enough I scored a vintage sleeveless sweater beige with different coloured stripes which is so similar to this.

  3. says: Urban Mantra

    Love your outfit! I just snagged myself a pair of white denims this weekend. I got the Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny Jeans in white and they fit great! I can’t wait to wear them with spring well on its way! 

  4. says: Lisa Ng

    Everything goes really well together! Those white jeans fit great. No bum issues ;). They are scandalously tight on the model. Eek. Love the sweater and jacket. Def. very nautical!

  5. says: KTR

     have been looking for one but everytime I tried on a pair, it’s too tight and it’s so wrinkled on the back. :( These looks really good on you though and I see you’re ready for first day of Spring. :)

  6. says: Katherine

    Looking good Kelly! I am on a white jeans hunt too (but have been less industrious than you) – I think am going to place a shopbop order later and see how things work out :)

  7. says: Helen

    I am in love with this outfit of yours! I have the same problem with white denim. I have bought several pairs and they all run bigger than the darker washes. I don’t know why.

    I noticed the BCBG necklace collar of yours. Jewelmint currently has only similar in silver on their site.


  8. says: LaLaaLove

    Since fabric sheers when stretched, and jeans usually have a bit of stretch, my theory is that white jeans are cut bigger so less stretch is needed to fit the same frame – And less sheering of the fabric.

    Just my take on it – The jeans look great! :D

  9. says: witheachpassingday

    I love the look of this outfit. It’s so chic and elegant.  I’m on the search for a good pair of white pant. I have a pair from BR but it too big on me now. I wonder if I should just get the side slim instead of buying a new pair. 

  10. says: Jane

    The white pants look great on you but I’m not a fan of the rolled-up cuff.  I think you should get them shortened.

    1. Thanks Jane! I’m concidering hemming them, but then I’ll lose that great 10″ leg opening, which kind of turns the skinny jeans into straight leg jeans. Oh, the plight of being petite… =P

  11. says: Vicky Vickysfashion

    These white jeggings look so much better on you than on the model. Winner for sure. I love this navy jacket on you too. Lots of winners these days, Kelly. :)

  12. says: Michelle

    Yay! Congrats on finding your match!  And I love all the gold accented accessories you paired with this look!

    And lol! Yes! I still sing “She uses vaaaasoline” every now and then!  :)

  13. says: aubrey

    hows the rise on these jeans kelly?  and is it really only 30″ inseam?  cher & ping had good luck w/this brand, mb i should try.

    1.  The rise is 7″ and inseam is 30″. They are definitely stretchy, so they run smaller. I think the other colors run a little smaller than the white too, and someone mentioned to me on Twitter that they shrink a little in the wash, which is nice as well (haven’t cut the tags off the white ones yet, so not sure how they’ll wash). Wendy’s purple jeans are Blank too! Seems like petites everywhere are slowly discovering them. =)

  14. says: PF

    great outfit! I have a tangerine striped top and paired it with my navy blue cardigan. Still too cold for white pants so I wore navy pants. Thank you!

  15. says: Bravoerunway

    I think these white jeans are fantastic!  You should definitely keep them and the price is not terrible!  I also like the striped sweater, very nicely done and I can’t wait to see the rest of your purchases!  I hope my pictures will turn out as nicely as yours!

  16. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Oooh I love that sweater Kelly! This outfit is amazing!  I agree, those white jeans are definitely a keeper! Nude undies I can deal with to avoid the “see throughness”.  They look great on you – on the model they look like they were painted on LOL!

  17. says: Rinny

    I love this! Such a perfect nautical themed outfit :)

    And I think you should definitely keep the white jeans – they fit you perfectly. I’m still on the prowl for a pair of white ones for myself.

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