My Measurements


Because I reference to myself as petite, readers who are similarly sized to myself might like to know my measurements for comparison when it comes to my favorite brands or items I wear on the blog. Below are my current measurements & body type.

– Height: 4’11”
– Bust: 30″ (28C – 30C)
– Waist: 23″
– Hip: 32″
– Inseam: 27.5″
– Shoe: 4.5 – 5

Body Type:
– Short-waisted: proportionally longer legs compared to my torso.
– Somewhere between an hour-glass and pear shape.
– Small framed.

Tip For Sizing Up or Down:

Very generally speaking, clothing sizes are approximately a 2 inch difference from each other. For example, size XS usually fits a size 32″ bust, size S usually fits a size 34″ bust, size M usually fits a size 36″ bust…etc. This doesn’t always work, but it’s a good general rule.

Example: If I am wearing an item you’d like to order (I’m a size 30″ bust), and you have a size 32″ bust, then ordering the next size up from the one I’m wearing may fit you best. If you have a 34″ bust, then ordering two sizes up may fit you best.