Fit Review Friday – Madewell Leather & Everlane Tee


For this week’s Fit Review Friday, I have some good petite-friendly options from Madewell and Everlane. Enjoy!




Madewell Ultimate Leather Motorcycle Jacket // Size XXS

If you’re in the market for a leather moto jacket, this is a great option to add to your “to try” list. First put on my radar by commenter E (thanks for the tip!), I was intrigued after lots of reviewers remarked how small and petite this jacket ran. When I found a promo code, I pounced! It’s true, this jacket runs small, and size xxs fit me surprisingly well in the shoulder and sleeve (a tad long, but also looks cool folded up). The leather is thick and substantial, and it has a heavy weight to it, giving it the markings of a quality leather jacket. I could zip it up, but it was SNUG. Reviewers also say the leather loosens up after a few wears, so I would expect that to get roomier over time.

I really wanted to like this jacket, but it wasn’t for me for a few reasons. First, the length is too long on me, which makes the boxy jacket look a little “meh” rather than “cool”. If it ended at the top of my hip, I think it would have looked much better. I’m hoping Madewell comes out with a cropped version in a future season. Second, the lapels felt big for my frame and looked a little distracting.

I think this jacket would look great on someone with a longer torso than myself (so the jacket ends higher on the hip) and someone who can better handle those lapels (my head/face is pretty small, making big lapels a problem that others may not have).

The approximate measurements of size XXS are as follows:

Shoulder: 13.5″
Bust (fully zipped): 15.5″
Waist (fully zipped): 15″
Hip (fully buttoned): 15″
Sleeve Length: 22″
Overall Length: 22″ (front) & 19″ (back)




Everlane The Cotton V // Size XXS

I’ve been asked a few times now about what tees are petite-friendly at Everlane, and after mixed luck, I’m happy to have found a nice basic go-to. I’ve tried the Ryan (way too big/boxy), the U-neck tee (much looser & neckline is a little low so I’m constantly doing bra checks), and finally this Cotton V. Definitely the smaller of the fits, I could easily size up for a slouchier look in future orders. As tees go, it’s very basic, and has worn well through multiple wears and washes. I’d definitely repurchase when this one gets dingy.

// The jeans worn in this post are on sale! (I’m in size 24 – runs 1 size small) //

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    1. says: Alterations Needed

      I’m hopeful Madewell will make it in a cropped length in the near future. Fingers crossed!

  1. says: Amry

    Kelly, have you ever tried Club Monaco? They have a surprisingly large selection of leather jackets. I have the Christy jacket in caramel. It’s a classic, shrunken moto style. Here it is on Blair:
    The XS fits my 5’3” frame well, even the sleeve length. This jacket is no longer available, but they have other cute styles you may want check out. Another reason why I love Club Monaco is that have amazing customer service! After I saw the jacket on Blair, they were sold out online so I called customer service. They said that the New York store had two left in stock, and I could call them to see if they’d be willing to ship a jacket to me. A sales rep at the store was incredible. She not only found the jacket for me, but agreed to send it to me with 2-day shipping plus a 20% off student discount!

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Amry! No, I haven’t tried Club Monaco for leather jackets, but I’ll check them out. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully they’ll have some nice shrunken versions for fall. =)

  2. says: Roxanna

    Bang on. I saw this jacket on you and thought *meh* because of the length and lapels and then read your review :) Being a short-torsoed petite myself, I often have the same problem and wondered what was off about all those jackets – now I know! The length, of course.

    The tee, though basic, looks stunning on you.

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Thanks Roxanna! Yeah…being short-waisted and petite makes tops just that much harder to find. Cropped anything is our friend. =)

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Sho! Nice to meet a fellow curly! I’ve been using Devacurl No-Poo Shampoo and One Conditioner ( for about a year now and like how it’s conditioned my hair. When I got my hair cut, my stylist suggested I use a mix of DevaCurl Styling Cream ( & DevaCurl Volumizing Foam ( The cream helps keeps frizzies down (I use one pump and lightly smooth it all over) and the foam gives a soft, light hold which is nice for fine hair (I use 2-3 pumps and scrunch it into wet hair). When my hair was longer, I used Joico Joiwhip ( Hope that helps!

      1. says: sho

        Thanks so much for the info! I had a not-so-great experience with a Devacurl product that was prob meant for thicker hair, so had pretty much given up on the brand. I’ll give it another try.

        1. says: Alterations Needed

          I totally get what you’re saying. I tried Devacurl a long time ago and the product I used was awful for my hair. I’ve had a much better experience this time around with the Voluming Foam. Fine and curly hair is a tough cookie to figure out!

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