Review: Banana Republic Logan Fit Pants in Size 00P

and a few other goodies…

Ever since Banana Republic did away with the Ryan fit, I haven’t had much luck with their dress pants. Too bad too because I always find cute fabrics and cuts that I really like, but the rise is always too high on me, and the fit in the front is always creased and baggy.

Banana Republic recently came out with a few new pant fits, the most intriguing of which was the “Logan”. Advertised as their new “modern fit” with a low rise and straight fit in the leg and thigh, I was eager to give them a shot considering none of the other fits work for me.

Here is the “Logan” in size 00P:

Holy smokes! What bad fit! Apparently low rise means huge waist. I missed that memo. On top of the huge waist, these pants are also pretty baggy in the thigh and would need slimming.

Verdict: Do I even have to say it? Two thumbs down.

If anyone else has similar issues with this fit, leave a pic or description (or rant) in this thread in the AN Forum. I’m going to send an email to Banana Republic about this after PAG posts her review a little later.

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The Stretch Textured Pencil Skirt in size 00P:

This skirt was a big ol’ “eh”. Boring and boxy off the rack, there aren’t any interesting details to justify keeping and altering. The fabric was pretty stiff and unattractive. I was hoping the word “stretch” in the name would mean it was small and fitted, but that’s not the case.

Verdict: Return.

The Pima Cotton Ruffle Cardi in size PXXS:

This cardigan is a nice lightweight cotton which makes it nice for spring and summer, but it’s pretty baggy when un-buttoned. When buttoned, it could work as an oversized cardigan, but I’m just not that crazy about it.

Verdict: Return. It’s just not for me.

Banana Republic has just not been working for me lately. Here’s hoping the fall collection is better.

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  1. says: curls-and-pearls

    Wow what a disappointment! Sorry you didn't find anything. I still can't get over those Logan fit pants! Those are some crazy strange proportions if you ask me!

  2. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    I agree – a big "no" to all three. I've mentioned this in your forum but really only ONE thing caught my eye in the entire store, and apparently other ladies' eyes too since it was nearly sold out. Sad!

    I saw the skirt you have on in the store this weekend too, but like you said, there was nothing special to justify even trying it on. I'm unmotivated to do my post (although I did have one keeper), but in the name of gathering up enough "data" to send to BR about fit, I will try to have it out this week : )

  3. says: CynthiaC

    Big FAT NO!! I really don't think Banana Republic understands tiny figures. AT ALL.

    Maybe this'll mean that they're bring back the 000P? Though I think you need a 0000P for the Logan pants!

  4. says: Vicky

    That Logan pants is sad and disgusting. :) I hope that's not their trend to make their pants bigger and bigger and keep sizes the same. I do find that their factory store is better than regular store.

  5. says: sophia

    WOW those Logan pants are horrible! Wait, no I take that back.. BR's size 00P in that pant is horrible!! Seriously WTH! 00P?? 2 of you could fit in there! Modern fit huh? Well hmm that does say something about modern times doesn't it! I think the petite community is better off getting pants custom made than shopping at BR!

    Those jeans you are wearing look AMAZING on the other hand :) They fit you like a glove and I love the wash of the denim.

  6. says: littlenashua

    That is sad – if those are 00P then I must be an invisible size.

    one issue with 'low rise' styles is that they are cut to sit on the hip instead of at the waist. Most women have narrower waists than hips, but the low rise pant is a big win with the chubby crowd because their belly can hang over the top (think typical fat guy with a beer gut who wears his pants below his gut. Sure, the tag may say he's a 34" waist but that is because he wears his pants too low).

    It seems that a lot of women who have a belly opt for the low rise style as well, because they can fit it to their hips. But the company's tend to cut the pants wider in the hips to avoid the dreaded muffin top. The result here is a chubby girl can wear the Logan fit and not have to fit it over her belly and won't have a muffin top. And the petite girl ends up with pants around her ankles.

    AN: can you pull those pants down without unzipping the fly or unfastening the button? I bet you can..

  7. says: Mix and Match

    I'm sorry I think it's no no to all of the three. The pants are definitely not petite friendly! Only pants I got from them are Martin P00 from factory outlet last year.

  8. says: Really Petite

    OMG! Those pants are gigantic!!!!

    I was really hoping the cardigan would fit a little better….frustrating!

    BR needs to step up their game!!!

  9. says: PetiteXXS

    I had to laugh when I saw the side view of those pants… pretty ridiculous! Is it just me or is BR 00P/XXSP sizing getting bigger? I remember when they used to fit so much better… now XXSP feels more like an XSP and so on.

  10. says: Amanda

    I ordered the same Logan pants in both 00P and 0P and being curvier than you, they still didn't work out for me. There's something about the cut and the material that just looks AWFUL on shorter people. I think it's because the waist is big but the hips are small. It's really weird.

  11. says: MoneyMaus

    BR, what happened?!?! Sorry nothing fit!

    They used to cater to petites so much more. I'm from Seattle and the BR up there was awesome! In high school I had a few pairs of pants, some shirts and a swimsuit – some of which had to be altered but it wasn't bad at all. Now I'm lucky if I can find the occasional tank top to wear and that's about it. Sigh!

  12. says: Ping

    omg i am sending you a pic of the pants i tried on recently. i can't remember the name of the pants, but it's size 00P and it looks like crap.

    i do have pants that fit great, but i got them so long ago. recently the pants/tops are big misses.

    thanks for confirming!

  13. says: Bianca

    Holy Moly! Its looks like you have a barrel on….those pants are RIDIC!!!

    Hopefully the fall cuts will be better for you.

  14. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    I can't believe how big the logan fit was either when I try them on at store. What happen to BR's sizing lately? The sweater is very cute for fall, only if it fits
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  15. says: Sydney -- PetiteGorgeous

    I ordered the same skirt when they had the 40% off sale. When it arrived in the mail I didn't even bother to try it on because the design is super plain.

  16. says: Alterations Needed

    Sophia – My jeans are my trusty Paige's! These are size 23 and fit like a glove.

    Littlenashua – Oh yes, I could in deed step right out of these without un-zipping…LOL. I figured the reason the waist was so big was because they intended the waistband to sit on the hips, but this is a bit crazy.

    Amanda – Sorry to hear the pants didn't work on you either. I wonder what body type they DO fit on…?

    Ping – Thanks for the pic! I'm adding it to my BR email.

  17. says: Erin

    I just went to BR today to try to burn off a store credit, and I was surprised to find that 1. I can fit into their size 0 skirts (I am NOT a 0!!) and 2. I fit into my normal size 2/26 jeans. How odd! I wanted to try these Logans on, but there weren't any in 00, 0 or 2P – bummer. I wonder who is buying them??? They look like they fit terribly.

  18. says: Patty

    I went to the Banana Republic outlet store in Carlsbad and found the pants of my dreams: The Ryan Fit. Only I found out right when they discontinued the fit! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  19. says: Hgold0268

    The Martin fit is my favorite! Be careful of them shrinking (dry clean, hang dry, or cool iron only!) The petites are easy to find at the Factory Stores.

  20. says: Valint1

    I went into a BR about two years ago and found a “Ryan Fit” pair of slacks and it has been the best fitting slacks I have ever found for my body type.  I fell in love with them only to be told that they are discontinuing the fit due to it being an unpopular fit, that said a lot about my body type!!  My bubble was burst and I have had to go back to having a hard time finding nice fitting slacks.  Finally went back to BR yesterday and found that The Martin Fit is the next best choice, but it is still not as good as the Ryan Fit.  PLEASE BRING RYAN FIT BACK BR!!!

  21. says: Melissa Arbuckle

    Just goes to show how different bodies are. I tried on about 30 pairs of pants over the past two days and loved the Logan. Granted, I was able to buy a size 2 which I think I’m more of a 4. So totally understand your frustration with the sizing! I mean what the hell is 00 for a size anyway?

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