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My intention was to add a new black blazer to my closet, but instead I ended up falling for this much more fun jewel-tone green. As my boyfriend so generously pointed out, green velvet runs a “fine line between chic and wicked witch”. It didn’t help that after ordering, I watched Harry Potter on a lazy Saturday, and grew worried when almost all the wizards wore something of the green velvety variety. It’s a good thing then that one of my favorite brands (that I can’t afford) made green velvet blazers look so good in the Fall & Pre-Fall 2012 campaigns.


This blazer wears casually off the rack, but I’ll probably get a few tweaks done to it a little later. Maybe slim the sleeves for a sleeker look. Maybe some contouring at the back like I had done for this blazer.



Outfit detailsJ.Crew blazer (green is on sale) :: Banana Republic shirt :: Rag & Bone jeans :: H&M tie :: Banana Republic belt :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: Chanel handbag :: Kate Spade watch :: Daisy Knights ring

Altered – Banana Republic shirt has had the back tailored (to be shown in future post) :: Christian Louboutin shoes have foot & heel pads added :: Kate Spade watch strap has been replaced

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  1. says: SydneysFashionDiary

    Beautiful blazer, Kelly! I bought a velvet blazer from Ann Taylor 2 years ago but it didn’t get much wear. You inspired me to give it more attention =) Green is more fun than black and the color looks gorgeous on you. BTW, the 1st photo didn’t show up for me.

  2. says: Cee

    I’m scared of velvet, as so aptly described by your boyfriend. I will definitely be living vicariously though you ;) The black skinny tie + leopard belt combo looks so good together. Hmm… perhaps it’s time to steal, ahem I mean, borrow my husband’s for a future outfit.

    PS – Your first image isn’t showing up for me.

  3. says: CynthiaC.M.

    Love the blazer! I wanted to get similarly-coloured pants from LOFT the other day (we have a store in Toronto now!!) but they didn’t have 00P. Ended up with black instead.

    BTW, the first image is unavailable!

  4. Dearest Kelly,
    Well, with your name you ought to wear something green; not necessarily Kelly-green. This one looks very nice, paired with jeans of this color. Those shorter styled blazers (upscale brands have the sleeve length matching the total length) always look a kind of ‘boxy’ and it will still be hard to change that look with altering the back. But sure, the price difference in extra fabric for a slimming and more styled fit does matter. Love your Chanel bag!
    Hugs to you,

  5. says: Jenn

    I love the subtle, yet unique statement the black tie makes in your outfit! Your take on feminine menswear is a novel twist on sophistication and professionalism.
    Are Rag & Bone Jeans your favorite? Which style would you recommend? Also, which size are you? I’m a big Current/Elliott fan (size 24), J Brand (25), and 7 FAM (24), but have started to notice Rag & Bone Jeans thanks to you!

    1. Thanks Jenn! This particular pair of Rag & Bone jeans is definitely my new favorite, but I can’t speak for the rest of the line just yet. This pair is The Skinny Jean in Preston and I couldn’t be happier with the fit (I’m wearing size 24). I’m curious to try the other washes and hope they’re similar. I think they run small because I’m usually a size 23, so you might want to try size 25 in this wash.

  6. says: Vicky

    Hi Kelly, you looks very polished in this velvet
    blazer . I love the nail color, which one is it?
    Your Chanel bag is beyond beautiful!! Do you
    find lambskin high maintenance ? Some other
    ladies do, I have a hard time deciding between
    lambskin and caviar. I love the smooth, soft
    feel of lambskin. Thanks

  7. says: Ana

    I love the green velvet! It looks great on your tiny frame and I really like how you paired it with the satin tie. BTW, I will never get tired of those shoes. They are still very much on my LUST list.

  8. says: elle.j

    I love the tie! Do you wear men’s ties or are they boy’s? I am wondering what length would work best and I can’t tell how long your is. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Elle! I try to find boy’s ties most of the time because the length is perfect. I haven’t been able to find many boy’s ties that are as skinny as I like, so this is a men’s tie. Creative tucking can hide extra length, or I’ve been told a tailor can shorten a tie for you, but I haven’t found the time to try it yet.

  9. says: Petite Tomatoes

    Love the green blazer. It’s not witch-like at all. =) Do you have any recommendations on how to slim down the arm holes of a blazer?? =

  10. says: Annabelle

    I’m so jealous; that blazer’s shape just did not work on me at all, but it’s such a great color! Would that J. Crew’s fit model actually worked for me.

  11. Those jeans look so amazing on you! I’ve never tried Rag & Bone denim and now I am convinced. Now, to the show stopper piece: that green velvet blazer is awesome on you. The jewel tone looks great paired with the crisp white and offset with the tie. I’m still trying to warm up to the velvet look but I can’t imagine using velvet often enough to justify a purchase. But I’ll be excited to see you rework this jacket into another look!

    A Preponderance of Fashion

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