Adventures in Alterations – J.Crew Ludlow Boy’s Blazer Preview


In looking for some good menswear pieces, I’ve been looking through the boy’s sections of brands that make quality, scaled down versions of their adult selections, with J.Crew being my current favorite. My focus lately has been on boy’s blazers, which can be tailored down into a more feminine shape in the back and waist. These blazers come equipped with great details like inside pockets and quality wools, not to mention a much lower price-point than their adult counterparts.


This blazer was bought new with one of J.Crew’s recent discount codes, but given the fast growth rate of young boys, thrift shops can be a gold mine for lightly worn blazers at super cheap prices, that can then be altered down to fit.

After trying on a few different sizes, I found a good balance between the fit in the shoulder, sleeve length, overall length, and ability to button up comfortably (If you’re not one who normally buttons your blazers, this step can be omitted). For those who are curious, I picked the boy’s size 10.

Clothing cut for men or children will be boxy on women, so the next step is to contour the blazer into a more feminine shape. There are three seams that run down the back of this blazer, which my tailor took in to create a contour at the back. For a fully lined blazer such as this, you can expect $20 – $30 for this type of alteration.

Note: on this blazer, pockets run in the way of the side seams, so taking them in would be complicated. Luckily, the three seams at the back of the blazer are sufficient for contouring the back and waist.


To see this blazer after alterations, see the finished item here.

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  1. says: Vicky

    hi Kelly, thanks for posting this. I like this blazer especially the color, so you got size 8 for the navy school boy blazer and 10 for this one! Do they fit the same or this one is a bit more roomy? thanks

    1. Thanks Vicky! They fit similar in the shoulder and back, which is I believe because the navy is a thinner fabric while this one is thicker. The size 10 fits longer in the sleeve and overall length, as well as wider in the torso.

  2. says: Alissa Futhey

    I am getting my first real blazer altered this weekend and I am somehow nervous about it! I think this blazer on you is just lovely and cannot wait to see it in final form!

  3. says: New Petite

    This blazer reminds me of the old world charm! Add cigars and some whiskey and some war stories….. you have the complete package! Waiting to see how it fits post alterations.

  4. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Wow I can’t wait to see the after. I love your alterations stories. I’m too chicken and I have no vision LOL! If the fit is off I just return!

  5. says: Lulu

    Great info on alterations. Many ladies don’t realize the need to get alterations to make clothes fit their body. I… am 5’1″, shorter waisted, so I need LOTS of alterations! :)
    XO – Lulu

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