Find For A Friday: White House | Black Market

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Oh no … when will our obsession with tweed jackets end? My black / gray tweed pieces have grown from 0 to 5 since I started blogging! I am *this* close to ordering the carnival jacket with the $20 off coupon. Sigh, if it came in a spring color that would push me over the edge, but of course it's WHBM : )

  2. says: Anonymous

    I tried on this jacket in the store, and it was actually really overwhelming on my petite frame. You can't really see the embellished pockets in the picture, but the combination of the pocket embellishments, sleeve embellishments, trim and the flower, and then the polka dots all over the ruffles and then the chains and the additional ribbon detailing was just too, too much.

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