Review: Banana Republic Camille Jacket

Banana Republic Petite Camille JacketBanana Republic Camille Jacket, size ooP :: Ann Taylor Factory shell, size xxsp :: Paige jeans, size 23 (hemmed) :: Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Pumps, size 35 :: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent belt, size xs

This little knit jacket caught my eye early on when fall arrivals started popping up online. It looked cropped, slim and fitted on the model, and my hope was it would be a nice little alternative to a crisp blazer jacket.

Well, this poor little thing arrived in the middle of a SoCal heat wave, and I couldn’t even look at it without giving myself heatstroke. Now that it’s been sitting here for entirely way to long, it’s finally time to give it a proper look-over. Whew!

Banana Republic Petite Camille JacketMy thoughts:

  • A little roomy on someone my size, but not too bad from the front.
  • Those lapels are entirely too big on my frame.
  • Those lapels look even worse from the back.
  • Sleeves are a little too long on me and would need a hem or a roll.
  • Not digging the stripe pattern. I hoped it would look more like tweed, but it’s just very…um…stripey.

I would suggest this little knit jacket for someone about one size bigger than me, as they’d be better able to fill out the chest and torso than I am. However, if you have a very thin or slight figure, I’d skip this jacket simply because of that lapel! It’s overwhelming on a small frame, and needs a wearer with a fuller figure that can handle it.

See this jacket on Jean and Ping! It looks much more fitted on them…I didn’t think I was that much smaller than them! Hrm.

Size 00P Product Info (laying flat):
Length: 21″
Shoulder: 14″
Bust: 15.5″
Waist: 14″
Sleeve: 24″
60% Cotton, 40% Wool
Dry Clean

Did anyone else try this little knit jacket? What did you think of the lapels & stripe pattern?


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  1. says: Elle

    I tried on the same jacket in 00P  a few weeks ago (because the BR near my house never has anything in 00P, so when they do have something in a small size I make an effort to try it on) and I have to agree with you about the lapels. I am quite a bit wider and a little taller than you but the lapels are still overwhelming. I am also not a fan of the material even though it looked so promising online (if only it were real gray tweed). I actually think it looks rather flattering on you but won’t necessarily have the same effect on someone bigger than you. There are numerous problems with this jacket but if this ever goes on huge sale would you consider it or are the flaws too damning?

    1. I know! The material was especially disappointing. A nice tweed in stead of that stripey thing would have been much better. I wouldn’t buy it, even if it went on super-sale. Those darn lapels just don’t work on me, and I know I’d never wear it.

  2. says: PetiteSteph

    I got this in the mail two days ago — the giant collar looked ridiculous on me.  Also, not only were the sleeves very long, I also found them way too roomy — I think I’d have to get them slimmed.  I had high hopes, too bad!  W/r/t Jean and Ping, I wonder if there’s some variation in sizing between pieces.  The bf recently got a pair of BR jeans that he liked so he ordered another (identical) pair online, and they were way bigger!  

    1. Hmm…you’re probably right about the sleeves. I didn’t even bother taking a close look at those. And you have a point with the sizing inconsistencies. That could very well be it, since I know I’m not that much smaller than Jean and Ping, but by looking at this jacket on me, you’d think I was at least a whole clothing size smaller. I haven’t had any issue with BR as far as sizing inconsistencies go, so here’s hoping it’s not a new and wide-spread phenomena!

  3. I always thought Jean was closer to your size (you guys are both around my height but I am thicker/more muscular, so I can fill things out better). And yet, the jacket appears much more fitted on her. Echoing PetiteSteph’s comment about her BF’s jeans, the husband purchased two identical pairs of shorts at the BR outlet, with the only difference being the color of the plaid. Both were size 29W and one was borderline too tight and the other was hanging off him. Of course, being a guy he bought both and then wears them without any concern whatsoever.

    1. Oh…to be a guy and walk around wearing whatever, blissfully unaware. LOL! I hope the sizing inconsistencies stay at the outlets, because I think I’d go mad if I had to dig through piles of BR to find the smallest blouse.

  4. Kelly – this is comical. I think it’s a combination of you being quite a bit smaller than us up top, and possible sizing inconsistencies. Just like that Ann Taylor linen skirt that fit you beautifully in 00P but sagged off my butt. Nevertheless, this was a jacket that had so much potential in concept but was executed terribly. We both found the same issues. HUGE lapels, stripey material, partially lined for a blazer that retailed for $150. This could have been a beautiful little tweed jacket, with proportional lapels and classic material. Makes me wonder who is making these merchandising decisions over there.

    1. It’s the lapels that really killed me. Big lapels aren’t even in fashion right now…and anyone designing for petites should know it’s a no-no…why don’t fashion companies hire us to consult on these things? *sigh*

      1. Fundamentally, none of the mainstream companies really design for petites – what we’re offered is a modified fit of exactly what they’re making for more average size women.  Same is true for plus size and tall women too.

        A coworker who’s over 6 feet and I have half-jokingly discussed starting a line called TGIF (Thank God It Fits) where things would be designed from the start for petite or tall or plus-size women respectively.

      2. says: Wendy Diel

         I always thought we were practically the same size (but I have a smaller bust), and then I tried on the too-large BR Button-Back shirt… Eek; it was large all-over for me, and especially loose and extraordinarily poofy in the back where the buttons started. It’s amazing how big of a difference a couple inches makes hmm? :/

  5. says: Petite LG

    I tried on that jacket in store a while back and wasn’t a fan of the lapels either. It looks so much bigger on you than on me. The only thing I like about this jacket was the thick tweed material. It’s not really worth $150. 

  6. says: shoppingisfun

    I saw this jacket in the store a couple of weeks ago (although not in anything approaching my size). For the price, I think it should be more versatile (i.e. less stripey). The lapels don’t bother me, and the length looks good on you, but the sleeves are too long and it’s way too wide. I might try one if it goes on clearance (and they happen to have my size), since I’m a li’l bigger than you.

  7. says: Nelah@52newdays

    I wish they designed this jacket differently. First, sleeve lenght would be perfect if it was 3/4. I like how it looks in the front but not on the back. I am positive that you will be able to find a better tweed jacket since Fall has only begun.

    Thanks so much for sharing your thought in response to my post. It is almost impossible not to feel consumed by blogging, but let it be as long as it makes us happy :)

  8. says: Sam

    I haven’t seen this jacket but from the smaller picture I thought it had potential – unfortunately for me I am on the tall side (as I appreciate the petite comments) I don’t think it would work on a tall person either – the jacket although short would be too short for me by a long shot – it is one of things I really struggle with the waist always sits to high for me which is why I struggle – I think you have to know the brand.

    1. I bet “cropped” fits are your arch nemesis! Do you find boyfriend jackets end up being a nice length on you? A good friend of mine is also tall and when we go shopping together, I come out of the dressing room swamped in clothing, and she comes out in awkward length sleeves and tops, so I totally know your frustrations. :P

  9. says: Zlata .

    I bought this jacket in store at the full price CAD 185. In the city with very high petite population and  limited petite clothing selection tiny sizes get sold out early. Then I was lucky to order it from the BR website with 40% off! The web version looked significantly different: huge oversized lapels, much more roomy overall fit. The fabric was more dense/thicker and stripy than in a store version of the jacket. 

  10. says: JJ

    I tried this jacket on just yesterday! It looked adorable on the mannequin…but hangs about as loosely on me as it does on you. :( And the sleeves are FAR too long – if the rest of it was more fitted, I would’ve considered getting them hemmed, but it just didn’t look good overall. 

  11. says: Sandy

    Except for the sleeves, which just need a little hemming, I think this jacket looks great on you. The collar doesn’t look too big in the photos. It balances out your hip, and you have a strong enough presence to carry off the drama of a larger collar. Seriously, ask a friend whose taste you trust but who has an opposite body type what she thinks. For example, I have broad shoulders and can’t wear such collars without looking like a linebacker. I envy you this jacket. And in the photos, it looks like a retro, English country tweedy texture.

  12. says: Sandy

    The other thing I think you may want to consider is that a knit jacket looks better cut a little looser than one made from a woven fabric. The more fluid the fabric, the more volume the piece should have. The same is true for pants, etc.

  13. says: Megan Carnett

    I know how you feel when you see something on the model and it looks great… then you wear it yourself and it’s just awful. :( On a more positive note… Those jeans look great on you! I’ve been looking for the perfect pair in that perfect dark wash. I will definitely have to check out Paige jeans.

  14. says: shoppingisfun

    Have you seen this jacket at LOFT? Similar fabric, but different kind of design…no huge collar. Not sure if it’s lined though. And it doesn’t seem to be available in Petites, at least not yet.

      1. says: shoppingisfun

        Oops, linkfail, my bad. Anyway, yeah, that is the one I’m talking about. :-) I’ve never tried a shawl collar…I hope they make it in petite so I can try it on because that jacket would be unlike any others I own. :-) I actually like the space dyed fabric, though I would not pay enough for it because it’s not that versatile imho.

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