Petite Outfit: Who Needs Sunshine When You’ve Got Burberry?

It’s cold and rainy in Southern California right now…and I don’t think anyone is more excited about this than I am. You see…as a SoCal girl…I should love floaty dresses and paper-thin cotton casuals. However, I somehow missed that day in school, because my heart swoons for coats! Beautiful dramatic coats! I want a wardrobe full of ’em!
But my poor coats languish away in a closet for most of the year, while the sun shines in SoCal at a comfortable 75 degrees. I don’t get to wear my lovely Burberry beauties very often…so I’ve been strutting the rainy streets of SoCal like a runway the last few days. I’m in heaven!

This outfit is so easy…it’s almost cheating. The Burberry Ledstone trench is really doing all the work.

Coat: Burberry Ledstone Trench, size 2 (torso slimmed and sleeves shortened for free by Burberry boutique)
Jeans: Paige Hollywood Hills, size 24 (hemmed and waist taken in)


In case no one knew my favorite color yet…I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s red!

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  1. says: HM63


    I alway shy away from double breasted. I thought double breasted was a no no for petite ladies?? Maybe I'll at least give it a try.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi HM63-
    I think it all depends on your body type. I really hate all that "petites can't do this" generalized advice floating around…yeah, we have to be extra aware of how things fit…but if we dress for our body type more than our height, magical things can happen. =)

  3. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Sigh…gorgeous coat! I shall revise my New Years resolution … no more WOOL coats. More trench coats! I'm actually the biggest fan of double breasted for petites because it's similar in concept to a wrap dress. I like "wrapping" the double breasted coat snugly (ignoring buttons at times) then cinching with the belt.

  4. says: Tamara

    I had to let you know I went out and bought this coat after seeing it on your blog. I've been wanting a red trench (and lusting after Burberry in particular) for years. It just about took my breath away to spend so much, but I know I'll have this coat forever. The size 2 fit like a glove – I'm not quite as slender as you – just the sleeve length needed to be altered. One thing I'm wondering – the collar is tacked down with a stitch to keep it in place. Are you going to leave it like that or remove the stich? The saleswoman said it was personal preference. Thanks for inspiring me!

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Tamara – I'm so glad the coat worked for you! It's very slim cut. Another petite friend of mine tried it on and the shoulders were way too small for her. As for the collar stitch, I took it out because I felt like every time I turned my head I bumping into the collar. It still stands high, but opens up a bit more which is nice.

  6. says: Anonymous

    Dear Alteration Needed,

    The Ledstone in size 2 was not available at the local Burberry boutique.
    They recommended to try on the Ashvale stating that this style even slimmer that the Ledstone. It is quite slim. The length (below the knee) and sleeves (basic with no details) would need to be shortened.

    If you had a chance to try on the Ashvale, I would appreciate your opinion about this style as compared to Ledstone. The top of the sleeve is slightly gathered… Would you consider this style classic or trendy? I don’t want to invest my dollars in the garment that may look outdated next year. Please help! Thank you.

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