Petite-Friendly H&M Lace Skirt – I Wasn’t Sure If I Was a Lace Girl

But this skirt might convince me otherwise…

Petite H&M Lace Skirt and Burberry Trench
Petite H&M Lace Skirt
Petite H&M Lace Skirt
Petite H&M Lace Skirt
Coat: Burberry Ledstone Trench, size 2 (torso slimmed & sleeves shortened)
First Top: Vintage 1940’s silk top
Second Top: Banana Republic petite ruffle top, size XXSP (sides taken in)
Skirt: H&M lace skirt, size 2
Belt: Eugenia Kim, size XS
Adorable puppy: Clinton (Pomeranian)

This skirt is right off the rack folks! There are some very petite H&M skirts this season. I bought this same skirt cut in a different fabric a month ago, but after trying (and failing) to work it into my existing wardrobe, I just couldn’t justify keeping it. When I went to return it, I found this lace skirt, and figured I’d at least try it on. I’m more of a tweed, menswear fabrics kind of girl, so I was skeptical of how this skirt would fit into my wardrobe, but I think I found an unexpected gem!

This skirt fits great in a size 2. It’s high waisted, and fits me snugly at the waist, but not so tight as to make breathing (or eating) difficult. It it fully lined, and has a center back slit to make walking easier.

Size 2 Product Info (laying flat):
H&M Petite Lace Skirt Measurements
Shell: 52% Polyester, 45% Cotton, 3% Elastane
Lining: 100% Polyester
Lace: 60% Viscose, 40% Polyamide
Machine wash cold permanent press
Air dry, iron low
Dry clean

What I like:  The quality on this piece is really nice! I’m impressed for an H&M item. The fabric feels thick and heavy, so it feels way more expensive that it actually is, and as mentioned above, it is fully lined. Cheap lace is usually…well…cheap and tacky looking…but the lace on this skirt doesn’t look cheap at all. The back zipper is sturdy, and it has a top button to make sure you’re thoroughly zipped up. My favorite detail is the raised piping that runs down the seams. Oh yeah, and it’s only $34.95!

What I don’t like: Nothing so far. I’m really happy with it. =)

Petite H&M Lace Skirt Detail

Check out how closely it resembles this skirt, which is almost 10X the price! Not bad, hmmm?

This H&M skirt comes in a few other fabrics, like a gray suiting material and basic black, both of which felt thin and cheap in quality compared to this lace skirt, but are the same petite fit. See this same skirt reviewed at All About Fashion Stuff, and Shorty Stories. For a photo of the item tag, click here.

The silk top I’m wearing is a vintage 40’s piece my mom dug out of her storage over the summer. She was going to sell it, but I wanted to try and work it into my wardrobe before we gave up and let some stranger get their mitts on it. It has beautiful, small lace detailing along the edges, which is what made me try to pair it with this skirt. The fit isn’t ideal (see how the shoulder seam goes down my shoulder a bit?), but I think the fact it’s vintage and such a gorgeous fabric may forgive it. I tried wearing it open, as well as wrapped and belted like a jacket. Which look do you like better?

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  1. says: TinyInTexas

    Ahhh i want this skirt!!! I saw this on another blogger and was thinking about posting in AN Marketplace to get it…it looks great on you!

  2. says: curls-and-pearls

    Wow that skirt is off the rack and fits you snuggly? I might have to search it and size up one — or even two!

    Lace looks lovely on you and as for the shirt I like it wrapped and belted. I kind of like that it doesn't fit you "perfectly". Makes the whole outfit not so structured and a little more "approachable" if that makes any sense!

  3. says: kileen

    This lace skirt is so pretty on you!! I also loved how you paired it with a top and belted cardigan. I prefer the belted cardigan look as it shows off your figure more.

  4. says: Elle

    The skirt suits you perfectly, I love how you styled it (yay for the red Burberry making an appearance).

    Clinton is SOOOO cute!

  5. says: Anonymous

    Love the color and texture mix in this outfit! I like clothes w/ a gothish/romantic twist, so I think I may have to run out and get the skirt! Because the shirt is a little big, I think I like it better open, like a jacket. (When belted, it draws attention to the fact that the shirt is too big)

    I think Clinton the pom also approves of this outfit!

  6. says: The Little Dust Princess

    Aww is that a Pomeranian? Soooo adorable. I used to have one. : )

    You wear that lace skirt very well, Kelly! And I love the red accents. The burst of red from that trenchcoat is just amazing! And I think the shirt looks a lot better belted.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    What a great find! The skirt does fit you pretty well and looks lovely. I have always been a big fan of lace. I love the 1st photo. The red trench really pop in this photo. BTW,
    Clinton is just so adorable. I bet you have so much fun with him

  8. says: Alterations Needed

    Zeynep, thegoodgirlgoneblog, Elle, Anon, The Little Dust Princess, PetiteLittleGirl – Clinton is a total cutie isn't he? Yup, he's a 13 week old pom, and we're in the midst of house-training hell. =P

  9. says: SugarNikita

    First, I must say, YOUR PUPPY IS ADORABLE! I want to pet him! :)

    Second, I LOVE these outfits. I adore the red one, and I like the darker one belted. The red belt is great! Wonderful find on the skirt. Great fit!

  10. says: Callandra

    Yea! A skirt that fits you pefectly right off the rack!! What a great find! I'm so surprised that this skirt fit you so well considering how it fit Ping. For some reason I was thinking that she was one of the tallest among us petite ladies, but the skirt looked much longer on her. I definitely prefer your mom's vintage blouse belted as opposed to hanging open. Are you going to have it altered down? Btw, I am crazy in love with Clinton!…He is just as adorable as his namesake ;)

  11. says: Alterations Needed

    HM63 – Oh wow! That Talbots skirt looks almost exactly like the H&M one! Too bad it's sold out in most sizes already!

    Callandra – I was surprised to see the skirt didn't fit Ping very well too. Must be the difference in our body proportions. I have a pretty long leg line for my height, so maybe that's the reason. I probably won't alter the vintage top, especially since it's so old.

    Cynthia – I added your post to the list! =)

  12. says: Cee

    I remember seeing this skirt in stores, but passed it up. It looks amazing on you! And off the rack, without alterations?! Even better! I prefer the belted look, especially with the red trench.

  13. says: Michelle

    Clinton is adorable! I love that you named him after Clinton Kelly!!

    That is so cool that your mom still had that top. I definitely prefer it belted. The first picture with the jacket looks amazing.

    You are enticing me to visit H&M, but by the time I am done with LOFT and Banana I want to go home! I think I should substitute Banana with an H&M trip, since Banana has not been the best lately. :/

  14. says: Really Petite

    I am shocked that it fit you off the rack because you are much tinier than other petites….such a great outfit!!!!

    I think this maybe the next item all us go hunting for :)

  15. says: PetiteXXS

    I haven't been having much luck lately finding things at H&M… Went looking for that skirt and PAG's jacket at several different H&M's and found nothing. I'm actually surprised it fits you so well (length-wise) since it looks long on Jean. The red Burb trench is so gorgeous… and Clinton absolutely adorable! :)

  16. says: Vicky

    Love your outfit. Can't really make out the vintage top that much because it's hidden under the trench. The BR ruffle top looks very nice on you. I really like the they way you belt it with the color red. The lace skirt looks very well made. Great find. And Clinton made me smile. Just adorable.

  17. says: MoneyMaus

    I love the skirt! It would be slightly too big on me because I'm just a bit smaller than you (4'10" and 80lbs)… but looks so good on you, especially with the first vintage top! I love the Burberry coat, too :)

  18. says: AubreyOhDang!

    hahaha, guess what I'm earing today????!!! the same lace skirt. I love it! I wrote to Ping about how surprised I was that it didn't fit her to her liking. It fits me perfectly, from the high waist to the length. Definitely a great find and great material too!!!!

  19. says: Rinny

    The skirt looks great on you! Hopefully I can find it at my local H&M. And I love the first photo – the Burberry coat looks so chic on you!

  20. says: Alterations Needed

    Michelle – Yeah, BR has been boring lately. Definitely re-route to H&M next time. =)

    PetiteXXS – The one good thing about being proportionately leggy is I can pull off long skirts decently. I was surprised to see it look so long on Jean too! I also tried to find Jean's jacket with no luck.

    Aubrey – LOL…nice! Glad it fits you so well!

    Thanks everyone! =)

  21. says: orchidsinbuttonholes

    That skirt is fantastic! I love the lace with the red and white and grey. So chic!

    And I love it when your puppy makes it into your pictures. So cute!

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