Fit Review Friday – Banana Republic Summer 2015 Arrivals


For this week’s Fit Review Friday, I have some new arrivals from Banana Republic. For reference purposes, my measurements can be found here, along with general sizing tips.




Linen Boyfriend Blazer // Size Petite 00

I wanted to try this blazer ever since I saw it paired with print shorts for Banana Republic’s Summer 2015 Presentation. I hoped if it came is petite, it would be a perfect slouchy top layer for spring and summer. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too oversized on my frame, and with it buttoned, I felt like Sponge Bob’s chambray-colored cousin. When I tried styling it in a more wearable way (left unbuttoned and pulled open, sleeves rolled and pushed up), the strong shoulder felt a little 80’s Miami Vice. On another girl, I bet it would look really cool and chic. On me however, it felt unnatural and I didn’t love it.

The approximate measurements of size petite 00 are as follows:

Shoulder: 14″
Bust (buttoned): 17″
Waist (buttoned): 16.25″
Bottom Width (buttoned): 20″
Sleeve Length: 21.5″
Overall Length: 24.5″




Linen Shirtdress // Size Petite 00

An item I’ve been wanting for a while now is the perfect shirtdress. It needs to be collared, have a full button placket (or a good reason for not being so), long sleeves and side pockets. I’d prefer something other than white, but I won’t hold that against the perfect dress if she were to come along. In linen and petite proportions, I hoped this one would be a worthy contender, but again, I just didn’t love it. I think it being white is a big reason why. I’m learning that large pieces of white clothing, such as dresses, need to either be really fitted, or drape really well on my figure for me to feel comfortable. The nature of this crunchy linen just doesn’t work for me, and I felt a bit swallowed in fabric.





Soft-Wash Textured Voile Boyfriend Shirt // Size Petite XXS

Speaking of white clothing that drapes, I found my perfect oversized white shirt for summer! This “boyfriend shirt” is loose around the torso with a pleat at the back, so don’t buy one expecting a slim fit. But if you’re looking for that longer slouchy fit, this is a good one. The cotton is airy and light…perfect for summer…and textured with a subtle grid pattern for interest. The chest pocket adds to it’s “boyfriend” charm. Normally, the side view is sleeker than this, but I had just washed it and I don’t think the back pleat had smoothed out correctly when I took these photos. =P




Non-Iron Shirt // Size 0

I’ve mentioned before how big a fan I am of the Non-Iron Shirts, in both petite and regular sizing. This is a regular size, and it’s perfect for that long slouchy look. I have a few of these in regular size 0 and the longer length works better for layering under sweaters and crop tops (like here) than the petite versions. The two drawbacks are the bust darts and waist are lower on these regular shirts, which isn’t an issue if you’re layering, but may bother some if you want to wear it alone. The bust darts aren’t fixable (as far as my tailor has told me), but the extra fabric at the back (from the waist being too low) can be reined in by extending the waist darts upward. I’m tailor-less at the moment, so I haven’t taken anything in on this shirt, but I’ve had this alteration done before.

Other items pictured // Rag & Bone blue jeans (on sale!) // Rag & Bone black jeans // iNDI denim custom jean // Gianvito Rossi black pumps // J.Crew burgundy pumps

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  1. says: Carol

    Your posts are very helpful! I often shop at Banana Republic for petites although I usually I have to order online as I find the retail locations don’t carry enough of the merchandise.

  2. says: Kim

    I am with you on the shirtdress. It looks like it might run a little large. I wonder if it being linen, it would shrink in the wash, though. I have been on the hunt for the perfect shirt dress myself, but hoping for short sleeves. Thanks for the review!

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