How I Spent Fashion’s Night Out

After seeing so many fun posts from other bloggers who went to Fashion’s Night Out festivities in their cities…I figured I’d put together a little post about what I did for FNO.

The plan was to meet up with fellow San Diegan’s, Carol and Kinzie, at Fashion Valley Mall. Equipped with my trusty camera, I was all ready for a night of fashion shows, drinks, and fashiony shenanigans.


An electric company employee ruined all our fun by mucking something up in Arizona, shutting off power to the entire city of San Diego. Fashion’s Night Out…cancelled.

The boyfriend and I reconvened at home, and upon realizing our stove is electric…discovered we had no way to cook dinner. Fearing our fate of popping open a can of beans and package of roast beef deli meat for dinner, we hopped in the car to see if any restaurants with generator power would take pity on us and feed us.

Here is our evening…in photos…

Power lines during a power-outage…that’s deep, man…

We almost gave up when we saw a bright light coming from a small shopping center. We made a quick turn hoping for the best.

It’s Jersey Mike’s! They drove a car up to their storefront to light their restaurant! And there’s people in there…eating food!

Miraculously, their grill still had power, so they were cooking up hot sandwiches for customers!

Fellow hungry San Diegan’s waiting in the headlights for delicious, cooked food. I’m guessing their stove is electric as well.

We ordered a cheesesteak sandwich and headed home to save Clinton, who was left home all alone in the dark while we searched for food.

We ate in the car to listen to the radio and charge our cell phones.

While Clinton watched creepily from the back seat.

Shortly after, we polished off a bottle of wine by candlelight before going to bed, entirely too early and sad that we missed our usual Thursday episodes of Project Runway and Jersey Shore.

Did you go to Fashion’s Night Out events in your city? Tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you! :)

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  1. Oh, Kelly! I’m sorry your FNO got cancelled!

    But what a way to make the best of a power outage! Maybe I’m weird, but I kind of like when the power goes out for a bit. Forces me away from all this technology and to spend time with the hubby =)

  2. says: Ping

    aww kelly! i’m sad for you that you missed project runway and jersey shore! haha it’s my must watch for every thursday. snooki hit a cop last week and i think they’re sending her to jail. it will be a juicy episode this week.

  3. says: megs

    Ahh that sucks! I’m kind of amazed there are Jersey Mike’s subs out in cali… but nothing should surprise me anymore! And good thing you missed Jersey Shore… it gives us jersey-eans a bad rep.

    So does searching the internet for new work outfits count as a good FNO?… yea didn’t think so =/

  4. says: Ray

    I like the kind of night you describe here- spontaneity is unavoidable!

    I really am commenting since you mentioned Jersey Shore! My boyfriend and I do not  have cable but we have the Jersey Shore episodes download every week from iTunes!! SUCH a guilty pleasure. I can’t even watch Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer out of disgust but I’ll watch the Jersey Shore???

    fan of your blog – Ray

  5. says: sophie

    hello dear,

    could you possibly tell me the cost of shortening the sleeves of a trench coat or wool coat like the ones from banana republic and gap?  I’m trying to find a good tailor who can offer me a reasonable price for alterations.

    1. Hi Sophie! It depends on the sleeve, but I would expect somewhere between $10-$20. If the sleeve has a detailed cuff or buttons that need to be moved up, it could be on the expensive end. If the sleeve is just really simple, it could be on the cheaper end.

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