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Theory Amanda B. blazer, size 00 | H&M t-shirt, size xs | Banana Republic seersucker shorts, size 00PCole Haan Shoes, size 5 | Pearl & jet necklaces | Vintage belt | Bloomingdale’s pocket square

Borrowed…from the boys, that is!

I did some shopping in the men’s department last week and came home with an accessory I’ve been thinking about trying for a while now. If you’ve been reading this blog for a short time, It’s probably pretty clear I love dressing with menswear inspirations in my outfits. And while I love the idea of wearing men’s accessories, and am always impressed by ladies who can pull it off, I’m not quite brave enough to try wearing them myself. Things like ties and bow-ties sound like fun, but are a little too conspicuous for my comfort. I’d prefer something a little less obvious.

So what’s a fun, unexpected nod to menswear, that a woman can wear without looking a little…weird?

How about a pocket square?


This little beauty heralds from the Bloomingdale’s men’s department, is 100% cotton, and a really fun blue check print. When tucked into the breast pocket of my blazer, it peeks out just a bit to say hello, and is much less of an obvious “hey! I’m wearing something only men do!” accessory than a tie would be. I’m comfortable, and at ease wearing this, and it gives a great pop of color to my blazer that really makes me happy.


Honesty, I don’t understand why we don’t see women wearing these things more often! They’re just…cool! Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more of these babies pop up in future outfits. And for those of you equally as crazy as I am to agree in thinking this is a fabulous idea…here are my pocket square picks (and probably future “investments”):


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  1. says: Razz

    I found your site not too long ago. I have to say that you inspire me not to give up in finding clothes that’ll fit me. I’m a petite mom of 2 adorable kids. I’m 5″ and weigh 95 lbs. I work in a corporate office and finding clothes is always been a struggle.

    I must say “thank you” for your wonderful tips!

    1. Thank you Razz! I’m always happy to hear that other petite women are finding my blabbering  helpful! As a working mom, you face a lot of challenges, but I’m glad I can be of help in at least the finding clothes part. ;)

      Best of luck, and thank you!

  2. says: AUBS*

    I never understood the point of pocket squares, but I’m liking the idea.  it’s like, “hey, why not?!”

    1. LOL. I can see that. I read The Sartorialist way too much, so I’m really into the “crazy old man with pocket square and argyle socks” look. I can’t wait until the boyfriend becomes an old man…someone’s getting a lot of argyle socks for Christmas, let me tell you!

    1. More traditional style blazers probably will, like all my Theory blazers have one. But my Banana Republic one doesn’t, but it’s also a girlier cut. I hope you find one that has a breast pocket! I’d love to see an “Elaine” version of the pocket square. :)

  3. says: Guest

    I recently found your blog and have spent the past few weeks reading EVERY post you’ve done (while procrastinating horribly on the things I’m supposed to be doing!). Thank you so much for the great blog and the wonderful inspiration to put a little effort back in my wardrobe.

    You and a few other petite bloggers have actually inspired me to start a very humble little blog of my own, on my efforts in taking my fashion from jeans and t-shirts to something a bit more respectable and put-together, all while petite and on a very tight budget. It feels strange to ‘advertise’ it (especially to someone like you whom I admire!) but if you find yourself bored one day… :-)

    Thanks again for the lovely blog!

  4. says: Michelle

    Oh! Nice idea!  You should totally get the chambray square!!

    Whenever I see menswear-inspired clothing I think of you! I visited the Banana in Seattle last week  (so cool!!) and saw cute seersucker (aka train-conductor) shorts and thought of you! Unfortunately, no oop for me to try on!! :(

  5. says: Melissa

    So cute! I love pocket squares as well, but haven’t any (yet).  Btw, new to your blog, but just love it.

  6. says: Zaraally

    Hello could you tell us where you bought the Theory Amanda B Blazers from? I fell in love with them after seeing how you paired them with a wide array of pieces, also i am petite and have beautiful blazers that are always overwhelming on me. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Zaraally!

      I found the Theory Amanda B. blazers by complete accident sitting on a sale rack at a Theory outlet a few years ago. I’ve been searching for them ever since, and aside from occasionally popping up used on ebay…I’ve never seen them again! Rest assured that I’ll sound the alarms if I ever find them again.

  7. says: Denise Howell

    I love pockets squares on women – very chic!  Not sure why we don’t see more.  Your blog is great – but honestly, is it necessary to list your sizes?!!   Sizes now are absurd.  A double-zero?!  By definition, you should be invisible.  In the 1950’s this would probably be a 4 or a 6.  Let’s stop the semi-subliminal woman-hating practices.  Being fit and healthy and looking terrific in your clothing is wonderful – but not the artificial sizing.

    1.  Hi Denise! Thank you for the kind words, and yes, aren’t pocket squares a great women’s accessory? I just wore one for brunch with the family. =)

      As for sizing, you’re right, things are wonky, and that’s exactly why I share my sizes. If you read my about page, you’ll see I’m 4’11” (possibly 4’10”, but I’m in denial after a recent doctors appointment that measured me so shortly!), so I’m a height and size that most designers and brands aren’t making clothing for. I started my blog as a resource for other women who have also been sized out of the shopping malls by expanding sizes and don’t know where to turn for clothes that fit. You’re so right, what matters most is being fit and healthy and looking terrific in your clothing, and the goal of my blog is to help similarly sized women do just that.

      I know so many of us see sizing numbers as something to be afraid or ashamed of, but please consider my sharing sizing information as presenting it as a gauge for other women to determine what size may fit them, by what size fits me. Imagine having a friend who is the exact same size as you, who tells you exactly what fits her, in what size, and what stores to shop…that’s what my blog is for petite women. =)

  8. says: Hamlet

    I adore pocket squares and have always had them as part of my ensemble, even with the mere casuals. Always splendid to see a thoughtful sartorial blogging thoughts.

    Good day to you.

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