Ann Taylor White Pencil Skirt


In my search for non-denim casual pants, what do I find? A pencil skirt! Go figure.

The good news…it fits right off the rack! The bad news…keeping white bottoms clean is going to be a feat of unbridled proportions.

This little beauty is available online at on sale for $89.99, with an extra 40%, bringing it to $54. However, I found this skirt in store, on sale for $59.99, with an extra 40% off, bringing it to $36. I’m not sure why there’s a price discrepancy, but check your local Ann Taylor store for the better deal.

The fabric has a nubby texture, which I love, and is fully lined, which helps with the see-through factor often involved while wearing white bottoms.


The additional lining of the front pockets keep the front of the skirt from showing anything underneath. From the back, make sure you’re wearing nude colored undies because there’s a small amount of see-through. I had a problem tucking this shirt into the skirt, because the shirt-tail was pretty obviously showing through. I ended up folding the shirt underneath itself to decrease the amount of shirt to be tucked, and it worked well enough.


Overall, I like the texture and crisp look to this skirt, and I’ll try my darndest to keep it clean. I have a feeling this skirt will see lots of visits to the dry cleaner, but totally worth it. I think it fits in well with my current “tomboy country-club chic” style, don’t ya think? :)


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kelly that skirt is AMAZING on you! And…pockets…in a pencil skirt?  I’m dying here!  Ummm yeah white bottoms and I are likely not a good combination.  That’s another thing with light bottoms – difficult to tuck things into.  I wonder if you could get some kind of “slip” or even a cheap thin skirt to wear underneath so you can’t see through it?

    Anyway, great find!!!!!!

    1. Funnily enough, I totally tried to wear a 1/2 slip under the skirt! With the skirt top layer, lining, tucked-in blouse, AND slip, I felt poofy and suffocated. It kinda defeated the purpose of wearing a light, summer-weight skirt. :P

      I’ll figure something out, even it just means being strategic about what skirts to wear and how to fold them so they don’t show through too much.

  2. says: MoneyMaus

    LOVE this skirt!! I have a pair of white jeans that are great and really not that hard to keep clean. I’ll be checking out the skirt this weekend at AT, thanks for the recommendation :)

      1. says: AUBS*

        yea I was going to leave a comment saying your bootay looks awesome right there.  “shake shake shake.  shake shake shake. shake your booty, shake your booty.”

  3. says: Erin

    I have that same skirt in the tan color. Totally agree, it’s awesome and runs small. I’m normally a 0P at Ann Taylor, and I wear my usual 2P in this one :)  Great review!

  4. says: Fpc923

    love the skirt!

    could you let me know how you get your belt to stay in place when there aren’t any belt loops?  my belts always seem to ride up (especially in the back) so any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated! 


    1. Yup! My belts will ride up the back as well. I use a combination of fashion tape and attentive belt checks. The fashion tape will either work really well, or not very well, depending on the fabric of the skirt and belt. I do a lot of checking to make sure the belt is still in the right place, so it’s not the most relaxing outfit to wear. :P

      I wonder if that thick double stick mounting tape will work better…hmmm…

  5. says: Sunduri Das

    I really like this outfit.  It is perfect for the office and sophisticated.   As a fellow petite woman, this is something I can see myself wearing.   It won’t make one look short and stout :).

  6. says: hawktom

    You look…tall. This looks easy and comfortable. I think the belt and shoes make the whole thing pop. 

  7. When I saw fit off the rack- I about stumbled over and had to order it! I was lucky and found it for the same price- woohoo!!

    I have my beloved Theory skirt but want to cherish it so I don’t wear it often…so this will be a great alternative! Great find Kelly and might I add….not to sound creepy but your behind looks great in this skirt- def accentuates your bottom in a good way of course!! :D

    1. Congrats on finding the skirt for $36! After chatting with a few people on Twitter, it seems that price was a little harder to come by in other parts of the country. Such a shame about the different pricing!

  8. says: Leslie

    The online/in-store price discrepancy may have something to with being able to stack coupon codes (in-mail coupons) and not being able to stack those coupons in store.

    1. Good point Leslie! I was chatting with a few people on Twitter over the weekend and apparently the price was different in stores across the country too! A sales associate divulged that Ann Taylor was trying out a new pricing system based on location and demand. Weird huh?

    1. I saw the matching jacket in store and didn’t even try it on. It looked REALLY boxy on the hanger, and since even slim fitted Ann Taylor jackets tend to be boxy on me, I can only image what this boxy one would look like. If you can pull of boxy jackets, it would be a really cute matching set, but boxy jackets just don’t work on me so I didn’t even try it.

  9. says: Slayerbabe

    I really love your belt! I’ve seen you wearing it with other looks and then I have just realised now that the belt was suppose to twist like that! Really pretty :)

  10. says: Angie

    that IS the perfect white skirt! i love the length and POCKETS. i cannot live without pockets. if only ever skirt and dress of mine had them :)

  11. This skirt fits you perfectly!  WOW!!  I never know why the stores and online prices are different…but you definitely found yourself a great deal!  This look is totally you, country club preppy chic with a new spin ;)

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