Review: Gap 1969 Jeans in Size Petite 00

There was a lot of hype and good press coming out about the new Gap 1969 premium denim line. Lots of people were saying good things about the fit, styles, and of course, the price ($60-$70 for premium denim? Sold!). Thankfully, Gap had the good sense to make their new jeans in petite sizing…but unfortunately, only available online. So, being the curious girl I am, I decided to get one of each jean in size Petite 00. If these really are the great fitting jean everyone is touting them as being, then surely there must be a good fit for little ol’ me, right?

I should add here that I suffer from a syndrome that most women scoff and roll their eyes at…but it’s made my jean shopping 100 times more difficult than they could ever imagine. What affliction is this, you ask?

Chicken Legs n. – Very thin, bony human legs, so named for their resemblance to the thin, scrawny little legs of a chicken. (thank you, Urban Dictionary)

Just try and find flattering jeans that I can’t grab a fistful of fabric off the thigh! Oh the horror!

So, knowing this, I ordered 6 pairs of jeans, one in each style, all in size Petite 00, in the hopes one might work.

First up, the Sexy Boot Jean, in Saturated Wash, size Petite 00:

These were the best fit out of the whole group. The waist was decent, the rise was nice and low, and the length was perfect on me (I have REALLY long legs for my height, so I luck out with petite length pants…they’re usually perfect with heels). What I didn’t particularly care for was the fit in the thigh (a little baggy, but less baggy than the rest of the jeans) and knee (really baggy). If you are even just a smidgen bigger than I am, or are not afflicted with chicken legs, then these will probably work really well for you.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the jeans, unless you want to see how they fit. See five more Gap 1969 jeans in size Petite 00 modeled on little ol’ me by clicking “Continue Reading” below.

Next, the Perfect Boot Jean in Dark Wash:

Just look at that baggy thigh in the side view photo! These were also a little big in the waist.

Next, the Curvy Jean in Saturated Dark Wash:

These were also big in the waist and thigh/leg.

Next, the Long and Lean Jean, in Medium Wash:

Long and lean, these certainly were not. Baggy in the front, all the way down the thigh and leg, I likened these to “mom jeans”. Yuck!

Next, the Always Skinny Jean in Saturated Dark Wash:

These skinny jeans were not very skinny. Again, these were baggy in the thigh, front and waist. I also just don’t really like myself in skinny jeans. Proof that just because something is a trend, doesn’t mean it’s gonna look good on you.

Last, but not least, the Real Straight Jean in Medium Wash:

These were the worst of the group. Super baggy in the front (for that not so awesome “mom jean” look once again), and really baggy in the thigh all the way down the leg. Awful!

Conclusion: I didn’t find a good fit for myself in the Gap 1969 jeans, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Sexy Boot in size Petite 00. Not quite fitted enough for my liking, but would be a good fit for anyone even a tiny bit bigger than me. If you’re looking to give the new Gap jeans a shot, I’d say to go for that one.

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Thank you for this informative post. Saves me time from ordering each of those cuts to try on : ) I, too, had high hopes after seeing all the GAP premium denim ads and hearing all the buzz, but was too lazy to take the plunge and order online. I was especially hoping that the skinny would work (it looks great in their ads!) as I am huge skinny jean fan. Alas, looks like I'll be sticking to H&M for those.

  2. says: stylepint

    I was seriously thinking about those jeans as well…but I ended up in GapKids and found a decent pair of skinny jeans. I might have to check out those petite ones.

  3. says: Jackie

    I have found nice fitting jeans at Lucky Brand Jean. Those on clearance are about $75 and I found quite a few in size 24. I don't have a problem you have though, my legs are pretty muscular (you wouldn't believe what a difference working out makes in helping you fit into clothes better). But then, the jeans there are pretty casual. I stick to Ann Taylor for the nice dark wash. For skinny jeans you may wanna try PacSun. The 0s are almost too small for me! 00s are even skinnier.

  4. says: Alterations Needed

    PetiteAsianGirl – The skinnys were not very skinny unfortunately. The front/crotch was pretty roomy, which was not very flattering. I'd definitely skip on those.

    stylepint – You're so brave to head into the kids department. I always chicken out…=) But the new Gap Kids Stella McCartney collection has piqued my interest.

    Jackie – I totally have a pair of Lucky Jeans in size 24 that I bought a looooong time ago. I got the "short" length and they fit me perfectly with flats. I haven't been back to investigate their fits, but now I'm thinking I should! I'll give Ann Taylor a chance next time too.

  5. says: May

    I just bought a pair of black skinny jeans from American Eagle Kids (size 12). They look a little more straight leg than skinny jeans but they're not bad. You may want to give it a shot. :)

  6. says: Elaine

    I am loving your blog! I am also 4'11", 95lbs, and it's really helpful reading about where to go to get clothes (and shoes!). Have you heard of Cinderella of Boston? I got my shoes for my wedding in May there and it was nice having something with decent heels (though my gown was still too long even after a bunch of alterations! :( ). I am a figure skater, so I'm built differently than you…proportioned, but oh my, I have huge thighs and calves! That plus the height issue makes buying clothes awful. Nothing I have is very flattering.

    I have been buying jeans at Levi's and PacSun recently. I got 2 pairs of Levi's, one size 0 and one size 2, and they fit great; I think it's because they were supposed to be cropped but you can't even tell!

  7. says: Anonymous

    I am 5 feet 2 and one half issues and usually need a 00. I have trouble with the petite jeans sometimes because the distance between the waist and crotch is too short and I have proportionally long legs. I just turned 50 and have 2 kids and although very petite have a tummy and the low waist is uncomfortable especially on the floor playing with kids or basketball. I like the concept of Not your Daughters jeans but the smallest size they seem to have is a petite 0 which has a 34 and one half inch hip. I have very narrow hips. I tried on the JBrand skinny jeans and the 25 fit pretty well but when I tried getting on the floor my tummy was hanging out over the jean, not a good feeling. When I am standing they look great, my friend thought whoa they look good, long and narrow but ultimately not comfortable and a bit young looking. Any suggestions? Thanks for listening….

  8. says: Cayden

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