Gotta Love Outlet Shopping

Especially when these babies are still full retail in department stores! These were 30% off retail, and an extra 30% off for Labor Day.

Thank you, outlets…I’ve had my eye on these for months!

There is one little problem though…the back of the heel comes up a little higher than my other Cole Haans, and rubs my ankle. Maybe this is why they were at the outlets…hmmm…

But I think I have a solution. I think a simple heel pad placed under my foot should raise it just high enough so that it no longer rubs. What do you think?

Anyone else ever had this problem? Any suggestions for how to solve it?

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  1. says: Jen

    I agree with SugarNikita, those Blister Block-type of products help a lot. Also, you could try the Monistat Anti-Chafing gel (which I had previously bought after the storm of beauty bloggers claimed it was a fantastic foundation primer.) It's not too expensive and it works. :)

  2. says: curls-and-pearls

    Those are beautiful! I've never had this issue – usually my heels are coming out of the shoe so I need "lifts" inside them. That Blister block stuff sounds interesting though!

  3. says: Anonymous

    Lucky girl! I have been to Cole Haan outlets so many times and never found a single pair of shoes in size 5 that I liked. Most of the times they have nothing in size 5 or just some few very ugly pieces that nobody would buy. I even asked the sales associate in the store nearby where I live (Rhode Island) and she told that they typically don't get anything in size 5 unless it is a return form another store. Do you have any tips where I can find a decent selection of Cole Haan Shoes online at the outlet price?

  4. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    I went hopeful after your tweet but didn't find that style. I know what you mean about the high ankle…I have a pair of woven (similar material) cole haan boots that are very nice except one ankle comes up a little higher and is thus very painful. I've tried placing a heel insert but it wasn't high enough to prevent it from digging into my ankle bone. So I s'pose it depends on how much it cuts in to your ankle…if it's just a little then it should be resolved no prob with an insert. I ended up rolling up a thin sock and placing it in the heel area as padding…got too troublesome so now the boots sit unworn.

  5. says: Erin

    OMG you girls might have saved my life. I am sitting here moaning about my blisters from my FLATS today… I had no idea there were blister block products!

  6. says: Em

    nice find! a lot of shoes do that to my heel/achilles tendon. i've tried bandaids but they don't work. hope you have better luck with those heel pads!

  7. says: Anonymous

    Totally jealous. Your gorgeous CH shoes have made me finally decide to invest in a pair. Wish I could find them at an outlet+sale price!

  8. says: Michelle

    I get that problem too with some shoes. My solution is to wear more wedges/heels without backs to them for the warm months, and to wear the shoes that irritate me during the colder months with tights! Lol! I have been wanting to try that Band-Aid stuff…saw it in an ad with Stacy from "What Not to Wear."

    That is too funny about your photo being used on a website without your permission! Are you going to write to them?!

  9. says: Alterations Needed

    Anonymous – Sometimes the Cole Haan website has an "outlet" section in their sale section with shoes at a pretty deep discount. That's where I found my grey suedes!

    Also check, and

  10. says: SewPetiteGal

    Cute shoes! Sorry I don't have any suggestions on the ankle rubbing. I guess it's flattering they stole your picture but at the same time it seems shady that they might be profiting from it.

  11. says: PetiteXXS

    Oh wow… they took your picture!? (But outrage aside, you do look fantastic in that blazer… so good they think it'll sell the jacket!)

    And I have that problem with some shoes too, I just end up not buying/keeping them, but it would be great to see if there's a solution. I wonder if a heel pad that would raise your ankle enough would also make your heel slip out of the shoe when you walk?

  12. says: Rainy Days and Lattes

    I've tried inserts before and sometimes they come off :/ I guess it really depends on what kinds you buy. I bought mine at Baker's which probably isn't the best quality. But eh, you know.

    The heels are so pretty!! :) I hope you find comfortable heel pads to up an inch so you won't be in pain!

  13. says: Alterations Needed

    RE the photo stealing…I contacted the online store and they apologized. The stolen photo has been taken down. Thank you for letting me know!

  14. says: petiterepublic

    woo! i just got my first cole hanns shoes last friday at nordstrom outlet near my place. one of the shoe is really digging into my bones in the back of the ankle (so i guess, same issue), and its a flat! I will try a heel pad and let you know how that goes!

  15. says: Callandra

    The blister block band aid stuff really works (I won't leave home without it)….And it's so small that it will fit into your purse, very handy. If you do happen to run out without anything, you can attach a clear piece of tape to the area of your foot where the shoe tends to rub, thus eliminating any friction and associated pain. Cute shoes btw!

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