Beige…My One and Only

pointelle sweaterBy Design Pointelle Sweater, size S | Banana Republic Striped Button Back Shirt, size 00P | Paige Blue Heights Jeans, size 23 (hemmed) | J.Crew “Eddie” Handbag in Pecan | Cole Haan shoes, size 5

Until I brought this little pointelle sweater home from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I didn’t own anything beige. None. Zip. Nada. Is that weird?

Normally, when I try on something in a beige color, it blends in to much with my skin tone and I just look…boring…or naked…whichever.

But when I saw this little sweater styled on a mannequin, with a button down layered underneath, I thought it was so completely adorable that I had to at least try it. The ingenious thing about this outfit is the button down collar frames my face in a complexion-friendly color, keeping the beige from blending into my skin tone.

pointelle sweater

This little sweater is in juniors sizes, and luckily, runs quite a bit small. I’m wearing a size small, which is amazing considering I just dropped off a bunch of extra-extra-small-petite items at my tailor to take-in. I dug through a mess of sweaters and sale items, frantically in search of a size extra-small, because I just assumed a size small wouldn’t cut it. As it turns out, a size small is the smallest this sweater comes in, and I was pleasantly surprised in the fitting room when it fit!

This little sweater is currently on sale for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which ends August 1st.

pointelle cardigan

Do I look ready for fall or what? You’d never guess that earlier this day, it was in the 80’s and humid!


Readers – Who shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? What did you pick up?


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  1. says: En Bouton

    I used to feel the same way about beige, and after seeing how well you’ve made it work I’m even more determined to get a light beige sweater for autumn! The button-down really enlivens the whole outfit.

    Aside: that is such a pretty garden.

    1. Beige really looks pretty against dark denim, which is a major staple of many people’s wardrobes. :)

      The garden is pretty isn’t it? We’re lucky to live with a landlord that loves gardening. Hehe.

  2. says: Cee

    The best part is the see-through detail on the sweater. Love how the button-up peeks through! Great outfit and gorgeous pictures, Kelly!

    No buys from the anniversary sale for me. Though there was a scarf that looked promising, but I couldn’t find it in stores to see how it looked/felt in person. So I passed.

    1. Thanks Cee! My favorite part of the sweater is the little see-through details too. :)

      Too bad about the scarf. I don’t blame you, I like to rub my grubby little hands all over that kind of thing before I buy too. LOL.

  3. says: A Cleaner Closet

    I love this look!  It’s so put-together but a bit playful too.  I have
    to say that your bag is out of control – what a beautiful color and
    classic shape.

  4. says: Kileen

    fall is definitely my favorite season and this is such a classic look!!  i love the blue button down layered underneath the beige sweater.  i’m pinning this look once i get home so i remember to try it out too!  and the new J. Crew bag is perfect with this look.  it’s so lovely! 


    cute &

  5. says: Elle

    I skipped this year’s anniversary sale…much to my own surprise. I love this beige sweater you picked out…it’s an unexpected choice for you but I think you wear it well!

    I am so excited for fall because this summer has been brutal but also sad that we are slowly leaving warm weather behind.

  6. says: Sage

    Beige is one of my favorite colors! (Does it count as a color?) I wear beige BECAUSE it blends into my skin–it’s such a great neutral that I can wear another item in a really bright color without looking silly.

    I love the pairing of the button down under the sweater. This is perfect for fall.

  7. says: Michelle

    I know I said this recently, but this is outfit is one of my favorites on you, too!!  You look great! Beige is such a great color, but you are right about wearing only beige.  Great trick! 

    I picked up a bra during the sale.  They happened to have the same Calvin Klein bra that I bought full price at the Nordstrom in Seattle.  I finally have a bra collection that actually fits…thanks to the petite community! I threw away lots of the old ones…I noticed a 34C in my collection!! What was I thinking?!? What was the SA thinking?!

    1. says: DAWN

      I bought a Calvin Klein convertible bra in black to add to my last year’s collection (I also have On Gossamer bras, although the padding crinkles easily). I discovered the Nordstrom Bra Fitting service after I googled bras for petite. Then I discarded all my Victoria’s Secret bras!

  8. says: Lisa

    I always revamp my bras during the anniversary sale.  And snag a pair of premium denim jeans on sale too.  This year, I also focused on footwear and a pair of CH ballet flats with a small, cute wedge and CH tall boots followed me home too.

  9. Ha I was going to say isn’t it a bit HOT for you over there?  I’m so loving this casual layering Kelly!  You’ve got me rethinking getting some good button downs.  I don’t have ANY sweaters like this, most are cardigans.  I have a few sweaters I can pull over my head but they have deeper necklines.  Love this look!

  10. says: Vicki

    A great look pulled together with color. I don’t wear much beige myself for the same reasons as you. Pulling it away from the skin is a great idea.

  11. says: Canadianpetite

    I saw that purse online then I saw your blog post about it. Now I have a better idea of how it looks against a petite (although I probably look mesomorphic compared to you). Like you I thought beige looked blah on me until I discovered cooler beiges. I’m still bad at incorporating beiges into my wardrobe so thank you for the ideas.

  12. says: Vicky

    You look like you’re so ready for fall, Kelly. :) I could use these pictures and add a bit of changing leaf color background, and it would be a fall catalog. 

  13. says: Jessy

    Loving the chambray under that sweater. You’re totally ready for fall, girl! And I don’t think I’ve had the chance to say this yet, but great work with the new platform! Your blog looks a lot cleaner : )

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