Mustard Pants, Why You Tease Me?

Theory “Amanda B.” blazer, size 00 :: Old Navy sweater, size xs :: Fire Mustard Skinny Jeans (Nordstrom B.P.), size 0 :: Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Pumps, size 35 :: Chanel East/West Handbag :: Vintage brooch :: Lydell NYC ring :: Bracelets – Eddera, Alex and Ani (c/0)

The great non-blue-jean pant search of 2011 continues! This week’s installment profiles this season’s holy grail…the mustard pant.

I chose this pair by process of elimination. H&M had/has a pair, but their pants fit me notoriously horrifically (the crotch does all kinds of funky things and the rise is always too high). ASOS has a pair, but the mid-rise won’t work for me (darn my short torso and short rise!). This “Fire” pair from the Nordstrom B.P. department had potential because of it’s junior fit and low rise.

Oh sure, they might look okay from the front…maybe a slight case of “crazy crease crotch”…but they’re mustard! An epic battle raged in my head over whether or not to keep these. My un-official name for these pants are “cheapity cheap cheap” due to the super thin material and poor seam job (the pockets look like they’ll unravel as soon as they’re washed), but I must admit, the color had me blinded to the shortcomings.

Then I took these photos…

I’m reminded of something a very wise movie character once said:

I don’t rely on mirrors, so I always take Polaroids.

– Cher Horowitz, Clueless

Touche. Without a photo, I’d never have seen that sad read-end view. Compare this photo to the fabulous things Paige jeans do for my behind, and it’s pretty clear these must go back.

Examine your clothes from all angles, duly noted.

Okay, enough about the pants…on to the sweater! This little guy is from Old Navy (and on sale!), and fits like a glove. A reader emailed me about it (thanks Aviva!), and once I found a good enough discount, I ordered to check it out. I LOVE it! When it goes on major discount, I may try to hunt down another as a back-up, since I don’t trust Old Navy clothes to hold up for very long.

This sweater runs small and short, so if you shop Old Navy often, size up from your regular ON size. If you’re on the taller side or have a long torso, beware it may run a tad short on you.

The sweater reminds me a lot of the Ann Taylor one Jean picked up a while ago, and has already proven to be a great addition to my wardrobe. There’s something about thin black and white stripes that say “chic french-girl” to me, so I’m excited for all the simple, yet modern looks I can put together with this little sweater.

Next installment of the great non-blue-jean search of 2011 features maroon/reddish pants! Stay tuned!

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  1. says: Kileen

    oh it’s too bad that these mustard jeans don’t fit you!  i love the mustard color!  and the ON sweater looks great!  can’t wait to see your review on maroon pants!

    1. I know! I’ve been loving mustard for years, so I’m happy to see so much of it in stores, but mustard pants seem to be eluding me. Hrph! Maroon pants should be a fun post…at least one pair so far looks ridic on me! LOL!

    1. Sure thing! Here ya go:

      waist: 13.5″
      rise: 6.5″
      hip: 16″
      inseam: 30″
      leg opening: 5″

      Beware that the material is super thin and cheap, and the seaming around the pockets looks to be unraveling. I was going to return these soon, so let me if you’re interested, and I’ll hold off. :)

      1. says: Sunshine

        ahhhhh i guess i’ll pass then :( love them but your warning about the cheap material scares me. thanks anyway, Kelly! let me know when you find the perfect pair ;)

  2. says: R.L.

    It’s a shame the mustard pants didn’t work for you, they otherwise looked so great with your outfit!  I have the world’s worst pancake behind so I’ve come to accept saggy butt syndrome for all my pants but baggy crotches in the front is no good.  Have you tried GAP jeggings in 00P or J Brand skinnies in 23/24?

    1. I know! Isn’t the color great? Besides the fit, the cheapy material and construction are turning me off too. I’ve tried GAP leggings in regular 00 and the rise was too high on me, but the GAP corduroy leggings in 00P weren’t too bad. I just didn’t like that they were corduroy. I with the non-corduroy GAP leggings came in a similar color. J Brand skinnies fit, but I really don’t like the huge back pockets (I know, I’m picky…hehe) :P

  3. says: ThaiThu Vien

    These mustard pants are amazing! Gosh – I can’t get enough of this color! Love how you paired it with a simple stripe top and the blazer really brings it to another chic level! I took a shot at a color-blocking outfit using a mustard skirt – would love your input!


    1. Thanks Ping! I’lll agree they look decent in the photos, but I don’t want to settle for just decent. The creasey crotch is bugging me (I hate crazy crotch creases), they flatten my behind (which is hard to do, because it’s pretty “out there”..haha!), not to mention the quality is really poor. I seriously fear the pocket seaming will unravel after one wash. Too many cons. I guess I’m being really picky with my purchases lately. :P

  4. says: Cee

    I actually think these mustard pants look pretty good on you, especially from the front. Great styling helps draw the eye away from the slightly-too-big back pockets ;)

    I’m so glad you talked about the ON sweater. That was the first thing I noticed (even though the post title read ‘mustard pants’) and can’t believe you’re wearing XS! Hooray for ON for finally not inflating their sizes. Here’s hoping this will be a common occurrence!

    1. Thanks Cee! I think since writing this post, my main concern is now the poor quality. I’m afraid the pocket seaming will unravel after one wash and the material is SUPER thin. The creasey crotch and flat bum are just icing on the cake! Just confirms why I don’t usually like juniors clothing. *sigh*

      Yes! The sweater is a regular size xs! It’s in stores and everything! But Aviva warned me that everything else she tried on was the usual, huge Old Navy sizing, so maybe this sweater is just a lucky anomaly. Fingers crossed more items in this sizing pop up though!

  5. says: Elle

    I’ll join the masses and say that these look pretty good on you Kelly. Obviously if you don’t like how they fit you should return them…but to me they looking pretty close to perfect (but then again mustard pants cloud my judgment from time to time). :)

    1. Thanks Elle! The mustard color definitely clouded my judgement for a few days..hehe. I flip-flopped between keeping and returning these a lot! The quality is also pretty poor, which I think is sealing their fate of being returned. :P

  6. says: Amber

    i do agree that paige looks amazing on you, and these are not as well fitting. but they’re not too bad, either!! although, if it seems to be cheaply made, that would be a deal breaker for me :/ hmmmm. you did pair them beautifully, too!!

  7. says: Katie Nguyen

    Hi Kelly, I’m a new follower of your blog. I love you style. Your outfit is no doubt chic but I know what you’re saying by not wanting to settle for something that looks ok on you. I’m the same way. I now only buy things that I absolutely love not like.

  8. says: Maggie

    Love the colour, but I agree that these must go back.

    From the front view, you can also see that the inside leg seam on your right leg is twisted quite a bit. My mom, who worked as a seamstress, always told me to hold up a pair of pants to examine if the seams are straight, if not, the legs will always look crooked on. This is especially noticeable on skinnies of course. 

  9. says: Beautify Fashion

    Love how you paired mustard jeans with B/W stripes!! I’ve been thinking of getting  nice coloured pants, but was doubtful as it cuts height (am petite too). Will now give a try after looking at ure post

    Just came across ure blog, must applaud how u always look so sophisticated.

    Check out my blog too: – wud love to hear ure feedback/comments.

    1. Bah, humbug to all those petite fashion “rules” that tell us shorties we can’t wear color! Don’t worry about cutting your height, unless it’s about shoes or capri/ankle pants. The wrong shoes (I hate those chunky ankle boots on petites) or wrong capri/ankle pant length can make us look stumpy. Other than that, have fun!

    1. Thank Elizabeth! I will certainly try to find the right pair of mustard pants, but it’s seeming hopeless at the moment. I do have a few other color options though, all of which I think would look amazing with the same sweater and blazer combo. Hehe.

  10. I have this and your Paige post open side by side, and call me crazy but I don’t think these look half bad on you. I *thought* I was a fit fanatic too, but my expectations for pants are just steps lower than for any other garment. I really like these on you, but perhaps I’m also blinded by the color and your classic styling. I will say though, that these fit 10x better than the H&M mustard pants. From the rear, those are probably atrocious on me, but for $11 I have gotten enough wears out of them to justify the purchase of ill-fitting pants.

    I also have to give Aviva a big thank you for including me in the heads-up on this little sweater. I had a tough time choosing between the green/navy (or is it black? I wanted it but only if it were navy and not black) and the black and white which is pretty much a dupe of the AT, as you’ve pointed out. The AT tee I have though gets SO much wash and wear that I’m more than happy to have this little sweater while that one is in the hamper. Good job, Old Navy! If it weren’t for Aviva I would never be browsing there in the regular women’s section.

    1. Hehe…I’m turning into crazy pant-fit girl lately. Crotch creases are the bain of my existence (scar from my adolescence, which is also the reason why I HATE kids jeans…) , and since my rear is one of my best assets, I demand it look fabulous in pants. Your mustard pants are a fab color, but I must admit, my hyper-critical-pant-eye twitched a little. :P

      Yes! Aviva is the best! I haven’t stepped foot in an Old Navy, nor perused the website in literally years. I totally would have missed the cute sweater! I wish it came in more colors since none of the others really speak to me besides the cream/black…which is probably why I’ll buy it in bulk! Ha!

  11. says: reeder

    Try the black/olive GAP ponte knit leggings.  I’m normally a 25″ so I tried on both 0 (25″) and 2 (since they’re leg/jeggings) and 2 had a waist gaping issue.  Normally I stick to skinnies because of thigh and butt sag in jeggings, but these look pretty good and the pockets mask “cheeky” issues.
    Love is not mustard but I did see other photos of the colored jeggings along the petite blogsphere.  Hopefully fit is close?

    1. Thanks Reeder! Funnily enough, I tried on the olive ones you mentioned not too long ago and I came really close to buying them. But then I found a pair of olive Paige leggings that fit me so much better (Paige is the only reason I have pants at all…I swear…love that brand!). I’ll have photos of them soon. :)

  12. says: Michelle

    I agree with Jean…that back view is not that bad!  The thing that is sticking out to me is the seam going slightly over your right knee.

    Thank you so much for the ON sweater heads up!

    Excited for your maroon pants!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I guess I’m just being uber picky. Hehe. Yes, that crooked seam is definitely a problem as well. So sad they’re so poorly made. :(

      Just ordered maroon pants #3, and I think these will be the winners! Can’t wait for them to get here.

  13. says: megs

    I’m still stuck in to the whole conservative black/blue jeans… heck just this summer I experimented with white skinnies! But you really do pull an amazing job color wise! Me being cheap stake I’d keep those jeans but the seam going into the right knee is ehhh.

    Have you ordered anything from Old Navy petite? I don’t like Old Navy cause they do have cheap/not long lasting items, but I go there to get my work clothes dues to the fact it’s not the best place to wear nice clothing. I wonder if they’ll fit as well too!

    1. Hi Megs! I’m experimenting with dark colored skinnies/jeans this fall, and it’s a really easy way to mix it up from the more conservative black/blue jeans without it screaming “hey! My jeans are bright!”. Try olive green and dark maroon/plum. Those are my successful colors so far. :)

      I have never ordered from Old Navy Petite, so I have no idea how they fit. I agree that I don’t expect their clothes to hold up for very long, but if you can’t wear nice clothes to work (I know all about this from working in biotech…bleh), it might be a good option to try out.

  14. says: Jessy

    The back doesn’t look that bad! I loveeeeeeee the mustard bottoms. I feel that colours like mustard & burgundy can be worn for a long time as jeans, but not colours like bright pink, blue, etc. The colour is a keeper, but if you don’t like how it looks from behind, return!

  15. says: Tineke

    I say keep them and give them a good hot washing and drying. I know you are worried about the quality, but if they are from Nordstrom then hold on to the receipt and return them if they fall apart.They look awesome from the front and that is a very nice shade of mustard. 

  16. Cher has the BEST fashion and life advice! Still love that movie and I need to get my hands on a copy for myself! Lol.

    Those pants look amazing on you…from the front! It’s too bad about the back because those are so flattering on you and it’s the best shade of mustard pants I’ve seen yet!

    I have learned to trust my photos over the mirror too! So thankful for my iPhone, I snap pics in the dressing room to make quick decisions.

    1. Good idea about taking photos in the fitting room to help you decide! I’ve had to ditch a few blog posts after I took photos and realized the fit was bad, bad, bad. It’s amazing how photos can make all the creases, lumps and bumps more visible. :P

  17. says: Sacha Lee

    I just picked up an awesome pair of J Brand pants (the luxe twill 811 mid-rise skinny leg) that I would highly recommend.  Mine are navy, but they also come in 4 other colours – terracotta and ‘merlot’ included!  They are a cropped style, but I still had to hem them a tiny bit to get the right look.

    These pants are slightly on the expensive side, but they are ridiculously comfortable and I have basically been living in them since I got them.  Plus, no creased crotch or wrinkly backside!

  18. says: Anonymous

    Love this outfit. ON is sort of a hit or miss, but most of my clothes from there have held up a pretty reasonable amout of time. I have a kimono sleeve sweather from there that I love and its lasted me forever.

  19. At least the pants made for lovely frontal pics for your post ;) 
    I see that these did not work but the color looks so cute with your outfit and I love how it subtly matches your bracelet–you have such perfect attention to detail.

  20. says: JJ

    I’ve been hunting for a pair of mustard and/or teal pants since the beginning of the season, and have yet to find anything that fits remotely well! It definitely is a struggle hunting down the Perfect Pair.

    I don’t think these look so bad on you, though – you’re right about it being a little too wrinkled from the back, but other than that little snafu, they look adorable. And I love how you’ve styled the outfit! Very chic, for sure.

  21. says: Anonymous

    Those pants look great on you!!  Your look definitely looks French-chic!  I still haven’t had a chance to this coloured pants trend of the season yet…I can’t wait to see the reddish/maroon pants!

  22. says: CurvyPetiteGirlNYC

    I love this look on you, very put together. I’m love it so much I’m going to try and replicate this but maybe with items friendlier on my wallet. Thanks!!!

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