Banana Republic Factory Shorts Plus 40% Off Entire Store

Banana Republic ShortsLOFT Striped Button Down, size 00P (altered) :: Banana Republic Factory shorts, size 00P :: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Skinny belt, size xs :: Cole Haan shoes, size 5 :: J.Crew Edie Purse

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See that spectacular sunburn tan above my knees? Awesome, right?

What perfect timing for a little email to cross through my inbox! I was just getting ready to feature this adorable pair of shorts I picked up at a Banana Republic Factory (outlet) store last weekend, when the deal got even better. I was happy to get an extra 30% off last weekend…now the deal is an extra 40%!

These little shorts are a dark grey, small herringbone weave in 98% cotton/2% spandex, and machine washable. The fabric is thick and substantial, especially for an outlet item, and feels really well made. The cuffs are sewn up, and the belt loop has working buttons. Back welt pockets and small front pleats add to the menswear feel. Style #857089-00-1.

Banana Republic Shorts Close

Size 00P fits me great right off the rack, with no waist gap…the belt is just for looks. These babies are marked $39.99, with an extra 40% off today through Aug. 7th, bringing them to a grand total of $23.99 before taxes.

You may have also noticed that new little wrist decoration on my arm. That’s a little cheapie Timex watch that I also picked up at the outlets. I remember reading a little blurb in Lucky Magazine a looong time ago about one of the editors wearing a little menswear inspired watch by Timex. It’s funny how little things like that can stick with you, because it’s always been in the back of my mind as something I’d like to eventually pick up.

Funnily enough, Timex watches are getting a little bit of a “coolness” revival. Have you seen the $195 version from J.Crew? I must say…I bought this little watch for looks…but I’m actually enjoying being able to see what time it is with just the flick of a wrist instead of fishing for my cell phone at the bottom of my handbag. Imagine that!

A little note on the watch: I have incredibly tiny wrists. I always knew they were thin, but when Jen (who is smaller than me, mind you…) compared wrists with me and freaked out over how teeny mine were…I finally knew why bracelets and watches have always been so challenging for me. My wrists are tiny! Which is why it’s amazing that this watch did not need any holes added to the strap. In fact, I still have two more holes to go on this watch strap if I want it even tighter. Crazy right? Thin wristed ladies take note! Timex watch straps are itty bitty. *UPDATE* A commenter suggested I give my wrist measurment, so here ya go! My wrist is about 5 inches around at the smallest point.

Gonna shop the Banana Republic Outlet? Print this coupon for an extra 20% off $100 or more:

Banana Republic Factory Store Coupon
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  1. says: Michelle

    Ouch! Sun burns are no fun. I still have slight marks on my upper back from a strange sunburn I got during spring break. You can see exactly where all ten fingers stopped applying sunscreen! Lol! I just keep my hair down most of the time! :p

    Those shorts are great!!  Your legs look so long in them!

    Great watch, too!  And great layout…so many greats! :)

    1. Thanks Michelle!

      What an awful sunburn to get! That same thing happened to a girl I knew in college. She was very fair skinned and made the mistake of asking the olive skinned girl (who never burned, but always tanned the perfect golden color) to put sunscreen on her back. The olive skinned girl didn’t quite get the concept that people burn and left entire hand prints on the poor fair skinned girl’s back. It was a pretty funny sight!

  2. says: Tara

    I’m going have to check out the Banana Outlet, 40% off is a great deal!  This outfit looks great on you, I love the idea of dressing up a pair of shorts! 

  3. says: Elle

    I have never been able to find anything good at BR Factory but I think I may be due a visit this weekend! I love the shorts on you (wish I can wear short shorts too) and the retro timex watch!

  4. Loooooove ur new layout Kelly! Very clean ad crisp!!

    And oh boy- why would u tempt me with another pair of shorts??? I don’t even like

    These are adorable and u look amazing in them!!!

    1. Thanks Kileen! Layout is still a work in progress. :P

      Aside from the shorts and maybe a turquoise cardigan that was not in my size, there wasn’t a whole lot I saw at the BR outlet…but I’m staying positive for fall merch.

  5. says: Meredith Y

    So cute. Perfect. I love the look of long sleeve shirts/sweaters with shorts.  I can never seem to pull off this look though because the weather rarely seems right for it–either too hot or too cold. Rolling up the sleeves helps, of course. I hate that the weather dictates what I wear.

    1. Tell me about it! I only know how to dress if I can layer, so summer dressing is not my favorite. Luckily it rarely gets too hot where I live, so I can usually get away with outfits like this. There is a sweet spot in June and September that usually works really well for this kind of dressing though. :)

  6. says: Sue Amanda

    Could you give us your wrist measurements for comparison, so we would know how the watch might do on us?  thanks!

  7. says: Sue Amanda

    Could you give us your wrist measurements for comparison, so we would know how the watch might do on us?  thanks!

  8. says: AUBS*

    another pair of shorts?  well well!!!  wave goodbye to comfort zone.  hahaha.

    I, too, have really small wrists.  let me know if you ever try the amrita singh ones.  ppl tell me her bracelets are small.  i’m not a believer yet!

    1. As my pale yet burnt legs can attest…my pant comfort zone has been going on for long enough!

      I was just pondering how Amrita Singh size 6 bracelets fit while in the car today. I’m not a believer yet either. I wonder if a store in SD carries them…hmmm…

  9. says: New Petite

    Looking good and loving that watch on you!

    I love Timex watches. They were my first watch. They have something called as Timex Fast-track watches in India and have amazing collection of watches. Wonder why they dont have them here. 

  10. says: Vicky

    That’s my daughter’s wrist, Kelly! :)
    I myself find it extremely convenient to have time at the flip of the wrist after I bought my MK watch. :) 
    Those shorts look very woolly in the pictures, hard to believe they are cotton. Have to check it out this weekend.  Thanks for the info, Kelly.

  11. says: Carrie

    Loving how you always find the perfect menswear inspired pieces, but put together in such a feminine way! I have liked reading your blog. I have to thank you for inspiring me to grab several old pieces from my closet that I knew I liked, but didn’t wear because they were just too ill-fitting on my tiny frame (story of our lives!), and FINALLY get them to the tailor this week. I even found an old red BR trench that I loved but was an awkward length at just past the knee. It is being transformed as we speak. Don’t even care that I will be spending close to $100!!

    1. I’m glad you said my menswear pieces are put together in a feminine way, because I sometimes worry I’m looking more and more like a boy! Poor boyfriend…he started dating a girl and now he has me offering to let him borrow my pocket squares. LOL

      So glad you’ve been “shopping your closet”! I just did that too! I had a little vest that was sitting in my closet but wasn’t quite right. I just got it back from the tailor and so glad I did! Tailoring something you already own and love is so much better than just having it sit in your closet. Congrats on your “new” wardrobe. ;)

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