Petite Fashion Challenge #3 – The Look For Less

Wow, this Petite Fashion Challenge was hard! Hosted by the wonderful blog Petite Little Girl, this month’s challenge was “The Look For Less”. We had to pick a celeb style icon, and recreate one of her looks “for less”. So, here we go…

My celeb style icon is not a huge celebrity, but she is kinda a celebrity in the fashion world. Her name is Miroslava Duma, and she is a petite powerhouse in the Russian fashion scene. A former editor for Russian Harper’s Bazaar, and now free lance fashion writer, she is a fixture at fashion shows, and her styling prowess gets photographed by The Sartorialist fairly often. Swoon!

Needless to say, this chick wears designer, and she wears it well. I could die happy with just one day to roll around in her wardrobe.

I’m pretty sure she’s wearing Prada Fall 2008

The look I choose was photographed by The Sartorialist, and I just so happened to save this photo in my “Fashion Inspiration” file on my computer a long time ago. After studying the look, I dove into my closet to see what I could come up with.

Petite Fashion Challenge Look For Less
Coat: Burberry Harbourne, size 2 (torso slimmed)
Sweater: Line lace panel cardigan, size xs
Top: LOFT corsage button down (torso and sleeves slimmed)
Skirt: H&M lace skirt, size 2
Knee High’s: Banana Republic
Handbag: Helen Kaminski
Shoes: Cinderella of Boston, size 5

Ick. Bad camera angle. Where’s Scott Schuman when you need him?

The only item that’s not quite “for less” is my Burberry coat, but considering it’s probably way cheaper than what Miroslava is wearing (my guess is some kind of cashmere), I guess it kinda is. =P

I’m not sure if this look works for me. It needs some tweaks for sure, like better shoes and handbag, so maybe I’ll be feeling it more after a few more wardrobe additions. But, I’m glad I did tinker with another way to wear my new petite-friendly H&M lace skirt.

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