Rainy Days and Polka Dots

Rainy days in SoCal are a novelty, and really throw me for a loop. On one hand, it’s one of the few days of the year a trench coat fits right in, and I love a good excuse to wear a trench. But slick sidewalks and floors make flats a must. On a shorty like me, wearing flats with a long coat (just above my knee) is a recipe for stumpiness, and not one of my favorite looks. I tried to compensate by wearing the trench open and tied in the back to keep unwieldy fabric from further swamping my frame, but in my mind, high heels really do make the trench.

I also easily succumb to the urge to match my clothes to the gloomy weather outside, so all I can muster the courage to put on in the morning is grey, grey, grey…

Luckily, I spent last weekend taking shopping cues from the queen of scarves, so I had this new beauty calling out from the closet, begging to brighten the morning a little. Airy, fringy, and polka-doted, it helped liven my mood. What is it about polka dots that just seem so happy? And, it helped to cover up the boring grey on grey action happening underneath.

And here Clinton shows me how it’s done, as he is clearly the photogenic one in the family. And never has a bad hair day. Or looks stumpy in flats. Lucky dog.

Burberry “Harbourne” trench (altered), 2 :: Chan Luu scarf  (in blue) (for less) :: American Eagle cashmere cardigan, xxs :: H&M t-shirt, 2 :: Paige jeans (hemmed), 23 :: Coach flats, 5

How do you un-blah yourself when the weather is dreary?


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