The Little Bra Company Petite Bridal Collection

It’s wedding season, and on top of finding petite sized honeymoon lingerie, petite brides must also figure out what to wear under their dresses. The Little Bra Company is now offering their Lucia bra in Ivory, as part of their new Bridal Collection. This is my favorite style from TLBC (I also own it in Aubergine/Blush) and with the matching panty, would make a very pretty wedding day underpinning set.

The color is a creamy white, and it comes with convertible straps so it can be worn under a variety of dress styles. TLBC was kind enough to send me their new Lucia so I could take some pictures, and play with the convertible straps. My little squishy pillow will model some options for you.

For strapless dresses, of course there is the Sascha strapless bra in Pearl (I own this one too!). This one comes with optional straps, and removable padding.

The Little Bra Company bras are “petite” sized (the cups are closer together), run small, and come in sizes 28 A and B through 36 A and B. Unfortunately no sizes for busty gals, but if you’re a small band and cup size, these bras really are great. Also, prepare for a healthy “boost”, as these bras are padded.

And…TLBC would like to give readers 15% off at their online store (thanks TLBC!):

15% off
Exp: 10/10/10
Congratulations to everyone getting married this year! =)
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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Great pics showing the multiple ways the strap can be worn. Good job squishy pillow : )

    I think my favorite of all their styles is the Lucia…I think the lace would even look pretty peeking out of a plunging top.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    PAG – Squishy pillow was a trooper!

    That's exactly what I thought when I tried on the Artizia corset tank. The neckline was just a bit too low, but then I thought…some TLBC Lucia action might be in order for this.

  3. says: hugstiem

    I think the Sascha in pearl actually isn't new; I bought it a while back when shopping for a bra to wear with my wedding gown (even though I ended up getting cups sewn into the gown).

    What I really can't wait for is their nude strapless Sascha to come out. I emailed TLBC about it and the rep said September this year.

    And the Lucia is so perfect…. must resist buying in all the colors…

  4. says: Jenn

    I hope some day they will realize that a C and D cup on a 28 or 30 band is not busty at all. No one, and I mean NO ONE would guess I wear a 30D when they look at me, because I don't look big at all. I mean, I wear an XXSP/00P top for crying out loud. It just has to do with the way I'm built. I NEED petite bras! So thanks, AT, for the info, and if they ever, EVER add a 30D or 28C to their site, please keep us informed! Strapless bras are the hardest to find out of all of them!

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    Jenn – I know! I looked for "petite" bras in larger cup sizes for someone a while ago…and nothing. Calvin Klein and Wacoal has petites, but they start at size 32 band, and all small banded "petite" brands I've seen come in only small cup sizes. It's an untapped market that someone needs to get on top of! I can wear Calvin Klein 30C bras, but the band stretches out quick. I'm lucky I can fit TLBC 30B, but if I get any bigger, I'm outta luck. I'll pass it along to TLBC that some bigger cup sizes would be greatly appreciated. =)

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    hugsteim – Yup, you're right, the Sascha in Pearl isn't new. I bought mine at the end of last year I think. I didn't know it was coming out in nude! Yay! I need to get the black too.

  7. says: PetiteXXS

    Lol I love your squishy pillow… but a petite dress form may come in handy ;)

    I've been desperately wanting to try the TLBC bras for a while now, but haven't had time to sprint to the nearest retail store yet… but it's definitely next on my to-do list! Thanks for the code, I love me a discount!

  8. says: Alterations Needed

    PetiteXXS – I was thinking as I took these pictures…"That blue petite dress form would be amazing right now!" =)

  9. says: Kiraling

    I'm so happy I saw this with the promo code! I've been thinking about ordering for a long time.

    Can I ask what you think of the ivory/pearl under light coloured tops for summer? Is it too light that it shows through (should I wait for nude)?. I'm very fair though, always the lightest shade in any foundation.

    Did you try the Angela?. I was recommended this one online, but the Lucia looks too gorgeous to pass up. Does the Lucia work for you at all under summer tank tops (no showing) or is it more of wide v-necks and tops only?.

    Thanks for being so helpful to another XXS/00 4'11.75" girl!

  10. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Kiraling – I'll be showing/reviewing the Angela on Monday…but I think the Lucia is the prettiest! Both colors that AN has are gorgeous and I didn't realize the straps are so versatile. I do wonder the same thing tho – does the triangular lace straps show under tank tops?

  11. says: Jenn

    Thanks AT! I know there are more people like me out there that need petite bras in "bigger" cups…if they don't realize this soon I'm gonna have to make my own. I already took in a bunch of the bands and moved the cups closer together on my existing bras. But it's just not the same.

  12. says: Alterations Needed

    Kiraling – I tried a t-shirt bra a while ago (I forgot the name…shame on me!) which I think was the Angela. The cups were smaller, and closer together than the Lucia, which wasn't a very good fit for me. I haven't tried the Lucia under any tanks yet…but that's a good question. I'll give it a shot and get back to you!

  13. says: Kiraling

    I agree the Lucia is much prettier. Definitely looking forward to hearing both of your thoughts/reviews!. :D

  14. says: Emily Lau

    Hi Ladies, this is Emily from The Little Bra Company. First of all, thanks to AN for the great post, and for being a great supporter of TLBC! You all have great comments and questions. I wish I could reply to all of them. I really understand the frustration of finding the right bra for a petite body frame, and is precisely why I started The Little Bra Company. Therefore, thanks for considering TLBC for your bra wardrobe. If you have any questions about the fit or want help to choose the best style for you, please feel free to contact us directly at

    Warm regards,
    Emily Lau

  15. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Great pics showing the multiple ways the strap can be worn. Good job squishy pillow : )

    I think my favorite of all their styles is the Lucia…I think the lace would even look pretty peeking out of a plunging top.

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