Aerie Romantic Lace Bralette


I’d like to introduce you to the soft, comfy, pretty, and affordable lace bralette from Aerie. I’ve worn this pretty lace bralette under dress shirts (leave those top few buttons unbuttoned for a peek of lace), under low-neckline t-shirts (again, with that pretty peek of lace instead of embarrassing bra-peekage), or anytime you feel like wearing something pretty underneath it all. ;)

Why I Really Like It

  • The lace is sheer everywhere but the cups, where a gauzy layer of cotton gives just a bit of modesty. I wouldn’t wear this out as a top, but it’s perfect as an undergarment or sleep tank.
  • The lace is not cheesy or junior looking.
  • The straps are adjustable.
  • Have a hard-to-find small bra band size? This pull-over style runs small and an XS fits this 28-30C girl quite nicely. ;)

Shop the Aerie lace bralette right here.

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  1. says: Linda

    Now you’ve got me super curious about these bralettes!! I’ve been on the look out for you for the Express bralettes I mentioned to you about before but I think they’ve discontinued them=(

  2. I love to wear bralettes when I’m just lounging about in my home. It’s always nice to give your girls a break from all those bras and just let them be free ( a little ) every now and then. I’ll give these a try when I have a chance.

  3. says: Kb

    Those are gorgeous! And I love that Rose and Cassie mentioned wearing them around the house. I love being glamorous at home without tons of effort. Think I’ll buy a couple soon.

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