Review: Ann Taylor Petite Goodies

Ann Taylor review time again!

Petite Tiered Charmeuse Front Shirt in size PXXS:

With a jacket.

This top is different than anything else I have in my closet, but I’m not sure it’s me.

What I like: Slim fitting and a nice length. The petal details are interesting, and look really cute when worn under a jacket or sweater. The color is wonderful (there are three other colors to pick from).

What I don’t like: The arm holes are too big, so they show my bra from the side. The petals, even though they’re interesting, hide my waist and makes my torso look thicker than it is.

Verdict: I think I’m going to pass on this one.

Petite Pleated Neck Shirt in size PXXS:

This top was the worst of the bunch, which really surprised me. I thought the fabric would be stretchy and fitted. Instead, it was pretty loose. There really wasn’t anything I liked about this top. It was way too wide and droopy.

Verdict: Return.

Petite Floral Print Silk Charmeuse Blouse With Neck Ties in size P00:

I’m a bit torn as to whether I should keep this top or not.

What I like: I love the tie neck detail, and just look at how cute it looks under a sweater or jacket! The print is fun and I love the color.

What I don’t like: The print could be a tad smaller. I would also like to see the top slimmer, and shorter. Of course this can be altered, but there is a side zipper that makes things a bit tricky. The zipper would have to be removed, the top slimmed, the zipper replaced, and cut.

Here’s a visual of the how the top could potentially look with different alterations:

It would look so much better slimmed, and maybe not quite as short as I have it in the picture, but it should be taken up a smidge.

What do you think? Keep and alter? Or return?

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  1. says: Erin

    Oh no! I'm so sorry that pleat neck top didn't work for you. I got it too and it was snug. But then again I am much larger than you and only got one size up (PXS).

    About how much would the alterations be for the patterned top? It's definitely cute but not sure if it's worth the cost. I say go for it, within reason :)

  2. says: PetiteGorgeous

    While I like the color of the first top, the neckline is not that flattering. The petals are very feminine but I agree with you that they don't flatter your torso either.

    The print on the third top is beautiful. This top can definitely work by having it taken in and hem as well.

    Thank you for the reviews! I had my eyes on the first and third tops.

  3. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    At first glance I loved the first top on you, but then I inspected the gaping arm holes. Sigh!

    Oh man…tough decision about # 3. I love the colors and print of the last top, as well as the neck tie. The side zip definitely makes for a more costly alteration though. Sadly this goes against our previous advice to look for silk blouses with a side zip…why oh why couldn't this fit more like our BR fushcia silk top? With how it currently fits on you, the zipper wasn't even necessary!

    I think you will have an easier time deciding after knowing the cost of the alteration and then looking at the total cost of the blouse. I wouldn't want to pay more than $25 extra, but that is probably an optimistic estimate. I agree that both sides and hem is necessary, but like you said – just not as much as shown in the last photo.

    Also – I think you mentioned you bought this on buy 1 get 1 50% off. Was the last blouse the full price, or 50% off purchase? I only see three items…were you unable to find a 4th that you liked? : )

  4. says: hugstiem

    Aww the petals look so pretty under the white jacket. Too bad the top is so gigantic.

    I agree with CynthiaC, I would take the sides in on the 3rd but you don't have to hem it if you wear it alone or with the jacket (looks too long for the cardigan). That's what I did with my last gigantic LOFT top that I really liked and wanted to keep.

  5. says: Jackie

    AT has really disappointed me recently. Seems the 00P is running larger than before, I couldn't believe how wide things were last time I tried them. I say pass. Unless you LOVE it.

    Still, that's quite a bit of alterations for one top.

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Keep it coming!

    PAG – I jumped the gun and actually bought these the night before the Buy 1 Get 1 promotion. I saw a free shipping code and pounced! I used a coupon I had hanging around, so the top is 30% off.

  7. says: Really Petite

    All the tops are nice but I don't think they are worth it if they don't fit perfectly. The last top is super pretty but I say no go since it's going to cost money to alter it. I think you can find cuter tops that actually fit without tailoring costs. It's nice to see the fit- so thanks for the review!!!

  8. says: PetiteXXS

    Oh boy… the first top I initially thought looked promising (and fantastic with the white jacket), but the armholes and lack of waist definition probably justifies a return. The third top… I must say I'm pretty disappointed. It looks huge on you! The color is pretty but the print is bigger than I expected. It looks much better in the hypothetical sides taken in picture, but in the hemmed picture I feel like the proportions of the neck ties may be slightly too big for the top. In any case, it's a toughie! Depending on how much alterations cost… I'm almost leaning towards return. I'll see how I feel about it once I see mine in person.

    By the way, sometimes I forget how super tiny you are (I know, look who's talking, right?). I have that same cardigan and it's actually quite tight-fitting on me but looks pretty roomy on you!

  9. says: Alterations Needed

    PetiteXXS – I think we're really close to the same size. The blouse is so silky, that the cardigan was sliding around all over the place on top of it. It's very fitted on me too. =)

  10. says: Paulina

    Hmm… I like the third one and I think you should keep it and get it altered! It's pretty.

    The first one paired with the white blazer looks gorgeous! I am still looking for a blazer for myself…

  11. says: Jenn

    I actually really like the Petite Tiered Charmeuse Front Shirt on you. I didn't notice the arm holes in the picture, and it looks really nice with the jacket. I don't think it make your waist look thick at all – it hits at a good length and falls nicely on you.

    As for the third top, I would say it depends on the cost. If it costs more to alter than it cost to buy, then I say return it. But if the tailoring isn't too expensive and you really like it, then by all means have it taken in.

  12. says: sparrow

    Strangely enough, I love tops 1 and 2 on you! I don't think the first makes your torso look big – I know it makes it look bigger than it really is, but I don't look at the photo and think "wow, that's a thick torso!" Very elegant. Love the white blazer over the top with the bright flash of colour underneath. Love top 2 as well – you look like a graceful vanilla ice cream LOL and I mean that in a good way. The thing I love most about tops 1 and 2 is that they make your lovely long legs look gorgeous, if that's possible for a top to do. They're not just tops, they make the jeans look great too.

    I'd return top 3 – you're right, the print is too overwhelming…

  13. says: Kerry

    I actually love all three of them, but I think were I to keep one it would be #3. I love all of the details, the tie neck, the color. Here's an idea – instead of slimming it via the side seams, can they just add darts to the rear? The way that you grab it from behind to take in the excess fabric indicates hat some properly placed rear darts might make it fit better. I don't know how fragile the fabric is, but if you have any pins lying around (straight or safety), try pinning some vertical darts in to see how it fit. I would find another well fitting shirt that you have and copy the dart placement. A tailor would be able to just eyeball it on you and get the placement right. It might be less costly than a zipper removal.

  14. says: HM63

    I really like top #1 as well. The tiers are interesting, the colour is fab and you do NOT look thick. A slim pant/slim skirt will keep it balanced.
    Top #3 is lovely as well depending on cost to alter. I'd tear that sucker apart myself. I actually just bought a zipper that I'm going to add to a top after I slim it.

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