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A few Sundays ago, I bravely battled Fairfax traffic (easily one of the most trafficiky streets in LA) to go see The Little Bra Company during their shopping event/sample sale. I’ve wanted to try their bras for a quite a while, but being more of a “gotta see it in person” shopper, I had never gotten around to ordering online. Since the merchandise was going to be in my neighborhood, I had no excuse not to go see what they were all about.
The Little Bra Company specializes in petite sized lingerie, specifically for A and B cups. Sizing ranges from 28 A&B to 36 A&B, and because this is a petite lingerie line, the bras run small. This means, if you wear a size 30 band in non-petite sized bras, you will be a size 32 band in The Little Bra Company. This is excellent news for those of us with tiny band sizes! That means if you are a very hard to find size 26 band, you will most likely find a great fit in The Little Bra Company’s size 28 band bras. The petite sizing also means the cups are set closer together than a non-petite bra, perfect for those of us with small proportions.
When I got there, I met Emily Lau, the founder of The Little Bra Company. She gave me a quick intro to the bras, and then helped me find the perfect fit. I was really excited to try the Lucia, a beautiful lace detail, deep plunge push up bra that I had drooled over while perusing the online store. I picked out the pretty dusty purple color called Aubergine/Blush, and Emily helped me figure out I was size 30B!
The next bra I was really excited to try was the Sascha, a convertible push up bra that can go STRAPLESS! Oh wow…I have gone forever without a strapless bra because I just could not find one small enough! I’m convinced there is nothing more frustrating or uncomfortable than a too big strapless bra. All the tugging and yanking just trying to keep it up is enough to drive a woman nuts. The Sascha goes down to a size 28 band (size 26 in non-petite sizing), and I found my perfect fit with the size 30B. I picked this one up in creamy white, and will probably get it in black once summer comes around and I’m wearing my little skimpy tanks and tube tops again.

  All in all, I was really impressed with The Little Bra Company. The bras are beautifully designed, come in great colors, and the matching bra and boyshort sets are adorable. Not to mention, their push-up abilities are amazing. Let me just say, I’ve never seen my girls so…um…well, you know what I mean. =) It’s amazing what a proper petite fit can do for a petite woman.

I also tried their t-shirt bra, but found the cups to be too small for me, which is amazing, because very rarely do I ever find anything too small!

The list of retailers in the US and abroad carrying The Little Bra Company is expanding, so see if a store near you is carrying them so you can try them on in person. If not, they are offering free shipping (US & Canada only) on orders of $100 or more.

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  1. says: ch3r

    I've been on a hunt for a petite strapless bra myself FOREVER. I have NEVER found one that fit until recently. Even if the band somewhat fit, I could never fill the cups. Calvin Klein now has petite strapless bra (the perfectly fit tailored strapless push up), and I already find that CK bras tend to run small. It's worth trying out!

  2. says: stylepint

    Sounds like a great place…I might have to stop by too. I've been meaning to find a great strapless but usually the bands are too loose.

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi ch3r – I found that bra recently at a CK outlet and tried it in 32B (32 is the smallest band size I could find). It was way too loose on me…but I'm also an insanely small band size! If someone is a 30 or 32, it might fit. I suspect I'm a 28.

    Hi stylepint – The strapless is amazing! I know you're an LA girl, so see if you can find it at a retailer around town…there's quite a few if you check the list of retailers on their webpage. I would call ahead though. I was about to pop into Lulu's in Manhattan Beach one day, before I called and they told me they were waiting for a new shipment.

  4. says: JennChase

    Unfortunately, I'm still out of luck…I'm a 30D, and "petite" sizes always think I should be an A or B cup. It's a shame because the way that I'm built (narrow ribcage, wideset breasts that need to be pulled in) really requires a petite bra; everything needs to be closer together and narrow. Oh well. Maybe someday manufacturers will understand. For now I must keep altering my bras myself, I suppose. And strapless bras remain elusive.

    Thanks for the good info though!

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi JennChase!

    You're so right, and you're not the only one. I've received questions about small band, large bust size petite bras before, and I just can't find any. The CK makes petites, but they only go down to a 32 band size, which I bought once, and I was on the last hooks…needless to say they stretched out pretty quick. The Seductive Comfort ones in 30C fit me pretty well…but they don't push together like a petite bra does. You can buy those at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales too!

    CK 30 Band Bras at Bloomingdales

    CK 30 Band Bras at Nordstrom

    And is anyone is interested in the petite strapless (too big for me, but might work for others…), it's here:

    CK Petite Strapless Bra

  6. says: p.s.i.t.

    Cute bra find! I have the same prob. as JenChase. I used to be an A cup, but now after the wonderful world of plastic surgery I too am a D, but still remain 26 inches right beneath the bust. I have no idea what that is in bra band size….28 or 30…victorias secret put me in 32D but it was still an ill fit and didn't support the girls properly. I've been investigating having one tailored to me. Has anyone ever tried that with any luck? I am curious.

  7. says: Kiraling (Heather)

    Did you find the cup size runs the same as other brands? I've never tried them but I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for a bra that won't gap. I'm normally a 32AA but a boutique has told me I would be more of a 30 — and I agree.

    Have you ever tried Wacoal's petite line?. I am a 32AA in that with some extra room. Think I'd be safe trying the same size in Little Bra?

    Thanks! Your blog is extremely helpful (I'm same exact height & size/weight except for bust/shoes).

  8. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Heather!
    I'd say the cups on TLBC bras run a bit smaller than most brands. You'll probably find a really good fit if you tend to have cup gaping in regular bras.

    Their size 32 band runs like a regular size 30, so you'd probably be a 32A. Maybe even a 30A. There was a smooth cup t-shirt type bra I tried on that had really small cups…too small for me! I bet that one would be perfect for you! If you e-mail Emily at TLBC, I bet she could help you out.

  9. says: Lindsay

    Beyond the bra question, what about undies?? Personally, I find the lowest lowrise thongs that I can find are still high rise on me, and I'm 5'3"! Intimissimi at VS used to have a tiny v-string thong that was perfect, low low low and luxurious fit, but they were never in stock, and now they are discontinued. :( I don't like having to scope out teenager stores for low quality panties, but it's really hard to find things that aren't highrise on me or baggy or both!

  10. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Lindsay – I usually buy the VS Pink undies…but that's because I like fun and odd colored undies. They're more fun than sexy…=)

  11. says: Lindsay

    I used to buy the VS pink undies too – till they put that giant dog applique on everything! I couldn't deal with the dog, I just think it's hideous. I think they may have changed this recently though, and gone back to a little pink tag. Might have to venture back…

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