Sueded Black Silk & Merlot


On the hunt for a true pair of merlot colored skinny jeans since last year (I have a pair of sateen finish straight legs that just haven’t been looking “right” with outfits lately), I finally found a nice pair from Koral Los Angeles. My search for colored skinny jeans has hit snags with things such as piddly thin fabrics, super stretch (that bag out quickly), and faux front pockets (there’s nothing not awkward about trying to shove something in your pocket, only to remember they’re fake, and have to pretend like you weren’t just trying to shove something in there). These are great! The denim is nice and thick like a true jean should be, the front pockets are fully functional, and the color is beautiful.

My only regret…not discovering these when Shopbop had their Friends & Family discount not too long ago. Damn!


This Equipment blouse is a recent sale find from Nordstrom, and it was love at first touch (it’s the Brett, but appears to be sold out online. These are similar and also on sale). The soft sueded silk feels divine, and sateen finish should be fun to play with for future pairings. Sometimes I wear things a few times before committing to getting them altered, in order to get a feel for what might be bothersome and worth tailoring. The blouse is feeling just a tad too blousy around the middle on my frame, so I think I’ll be utilizing some free Nordstrom alterations soon (Nordstrom offers $100 worth of free alterations for card holders).


Outfit details – Equipment blouse :: Koral Los Angeles jeans :: Banana Republic belt :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: Saks Fifth Avenue pocket square :: Chanel handbag :: Kate Spade watch :: Vintage bracelet :: Vintage ring

AlteredKate Spade watch strap has been replaced :: Koral Los Angeles jeans will be hemmed pending a few washes :: Equipment blouse will be slimmed

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  1. says: Cher

    Love the color of the denim! But I do think the blouse is too big on you around the waist and in the sleeves. It’s quite noticeable even as you try to “fake fit”. Are you able to roll the sleeves?

    1. Thanks Cher! Yeah, I though I could get away without slimming the torso for a slouchy look, but after wearing it, as I mentioned, I feel certain now about getting it slimmed. The sleeves are just pushed up, wasn’t trying to fake anything, lol. Just trying something different.

      1. says: Cher

        LOL. Oh ok, the sleeves just look like there is a lot of extra material in both width and length? How is the length of them when the sleeve is let down?

        1. The sleeve isn’t any longer than any of my other slik shirts (which tend to have longer sleeves in general). I think what you’re seeing is just the nature of the silk, which is on the thicker side (so it doesn’t fold nicely into itself like a flimsier silk would). Doesn’t bother me. =)

  2. says: Katherine

    You look great :) I love Equipment washed silk, it’s so comfy – I agree that they don’t fit petites the greatest but I haven’t been able to find easy silk pieces that I like from other brands.

  3. says: Betty

    I just recently found your blog, and saw that we have the exact same type of curly hair! It is such a joy to see someone with curls like mine. At the same time, I really envy how your curls don’t form an “A” shape. I am wondering what kind of haircut you have to achieve this effect? My hair’s huge volume droves me nuts!

    1. Hi Betty! Ugh, the A-shape curly hair takes on is the worst! I’ve been getting Devachan hair cuts lately and liking them so far. I did Ouidad for a little while, but it was thinning out my already fine hair…not good! I always ask for soft layers and face framing pieces when I get hair cuts. Cutting curly hair all one length is prime for the dreaded A shape. I find layers help to give volume all around, instead of just at the ends.

  4. says: Joanna F.

    There’s something really awesome about skinny jeans and a silky flow top. And the colors are perfect for fall.

  5. says: Ana

    I love this blouse! I’ve had an Equipment blouse on my wishlist since this past summer when you had the striped one that you paired with the blue suede pumps. I hope I can get my grubby hands on one soon. These jeans are such a gorgeous color!

  6. says: Cristina


    Love the color of these jeans! I have been on the lookout for this color, too! Tell me… what did you think about the sizing? Does it run small or is it true to size?

    1. Hi Cristina! I think these run a little small, especially for colored skinnies. I’ve had a hard time finding nicely fitted skinnies in either size 24 or 23 from other brands, and these fit me in size 24, but I preferred the fit of the size 23 (the size I’m wearing above & decided to keep). I’m curious to try the size 24 in some of the other washes.

        1. The Koral size 23 in the Merlot wash fits like the 7 Gweneveres in Indigo in size 23. The 7’s in Olive and Grey I took in size 24, and feel tighter, but the fabric is also more of a jegging. The Koral feels more like denim.

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