Exclamation Point


I wore this a few days ago with flats during the day (I was doing a lot of walking), and then switched into what I really had in mind when putting this together. Compared to the flats, these metallic heels are a much better finish, kinda like an exclamation point to the outfit.





I often like thinking about fashion in terms of metaphors. I’m not a very artistic or creative person (I’ve heavily slanted towards the maths and sciences since I was a kid, with art classes being not much more than that place where I embarrass myself with franken-creations), so while I can appreciate interesting or artistic takes on fashion, I’m not very good at creatively combusting them myself. Thinking about clothing in more tangible terms, such as an “exclamation point” to an outfit, a “big sister” to a less fashion forward counterpart, or a X-principle, helps me visualize the many working parts of an outfit. I’d love to hear any fashion metaphors or helpful sayings you may have!

DetailsBanana Republic vest :: Ann Taylor shirt :: Koral Los Angeles jeans :: Kate Spade shoes (also at Saks) :: Valentino handbag (in tan & red patent) :: Banana Republic belt :: Punch necklace :: Vintage watch :: Stella & Dot bracelets #1 & #2 (c/o)

Altered – Banana Republic vest has been altered :: Ann Taylor shirt has been slimmed


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