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Jean and Jen 27
Jen and Jean (I love this photo! So sassy!)

A few days after the Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza Event, I drove up to Los Angeles because not only was Jen still in town…but Jean had flown in as well! And guess who else just happened to be hanging out…Wendy and April! What a blogger-bonanza!

We headed to the roof of the girl’s hotel for some sunset photos. For some reason, I didn’t take any photos with Wendy or April on my camera, but I’m hoping the awesome photographer Kassia grabbed a few for me to steal later.

Kelly and Jean 27
Jean and little ol’ me  (Thanks to Jen for playing photographer)

Ahhh…photos with beautiful golden sunset lighting…gotta love what it does for the complexion!

Kelly and Jen 27
Jen and little ol’ me (Thanks to Jean for playing photographer)

Can I just say how much fun it is to be around a group of stylish ladies who share your same height, clothing and shoe size?! Ah-mah-zing!

All the girls are such a blast to be around and I’m really glad we were all able to meet up. We chatted fashion and blogging, tried on eachother’s clothes, and I threatened to take up residence in Wendy’s closet (it’s as fantastical (fantastic + magical) as your wildest dreams can imagine).

Thanks for reading, and I apologize in advance for the next round of gratuitous petite blogger photos that I’ll most probably post once I get my hands on Kassia’s beautiful shots. :)

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  1. says: Anonymous

    You girls look so BEAUTIFUL!   If you ever need a place to stay in LA, my closet is always available LOL!  

  2. Thanks so much for braving traffic to come keep us company, Kelly! But then again, you are a SD-LA driving champion. I love these photos! The only one that came out blurry is the one I took of you two with my shaky hands lol.

    And “fantastical” is right! I think my eyes glazed over the first minute I spent in Wendy’s closet.

    1. Pfff…not even LA traffic could have kept me away from hanging out with you ladies. You’ve gotta get Nick to give you some photography pointers…maybe follow him around for some practice and new “Petite Asian Boy” blog posts? LOL.

      The most fantastical thing about Wendy’s closet were the little items that kept appearing out of nooks and crannies!

  3. says: I Dream Of Fashion

    All of you look so beautiful and stylish. I love your blogs, Kelly, Jean, Jen and Wendy.  I would have been floating in the clouds if I would have been there too just hanging out with all of you ladies. You guys inspire me so much, please check out my blog that all of you inspired. Maybe one day we’ll hang out together too. :-)

  4. says: AUBREY

    first pic is def my favorite too!  great outfit jen.  What a fun wkd that was to see the twitpics and now these pics.  I’m excited for Kassia’s photos!

  5. says: frmheadtotoe

    Ahhh, I love these photos!!!!! The sunset looked amazing on the rooftop and you know we are all sassy ladies when we are together. Thanks so much for coming out Kelly! I wish we had spent even more time together. ^_^

  6. says: Vicky

    Who took the picture of Jean and Jen? That person should be very proud now. I love love love the picture. It really captured the moment and the two girls at their best. lol. :)
    Thanks again for sharing. Next time, Wendy’s closet reveal?

    1. The photographer responsible for the shot of Jean and Jen was yours truley. But the credit really goes to the fabulous models who made my job so easy. :)

      We already bugged Wendy on Twitter for a closet video, so maybe she’ll humor us with one soon. LOL.

  7. says: Jen Yuen

    Adorable photos!  ^_^  I love the bright colors that Jen paired together, can you ask her to share where the skirt and top are from?  Thanks!

  8. says: Anonymous

    Yeah for blogger meetups!!  Everyone looks great!!

    I want to take up residence in Wendy’s closet too…lol!!!


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