Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza Concept Store Opening

Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 10
Jen, Me, Wendy…in order of height! :)

On Tuesday, June 21st, Ann Taylor and C Magazine held a little celebration for the opening of the concept store at South Coast Plaza, in Costa Mesa, California. South Coast Plaza has the hands-down best shopping in Southern California, so of course I was elated to have an excuse to visit this fabulous mall and hang out with fellow Ann Taylor aficionados.

As luck would have it, Jen of From Head To Toe just so happened to be in SoCal at the same time, and we were very lucky to have Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook join us as well!

We took pictures…

Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 2
Kassia, our amazing photographer. I can’t wait to see her photos!


Ann Taylor Event 12
Jen’s first outfit…


Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 9
Jen’s costume change…into her fresh-from-the-tailor Ann Taylor dress!


Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 3
Everyone got little goodie bags. I have a feeling this tote will get a lot of use. :)
Me, Jen, Linda, Wendy

We were served delicious treats by very cute waiters…

Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 4
As you can see, these went very quick. :)


Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 8-1

We were surrounded by very stylish mannequins…

Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 7


Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 5


Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza
How pretty is this lace wedding gown?!


Ann Taylor South Coast Plaza 8

More photos of the event can be found on the Ann Taylor Facebook Page, and I’m sure Jen will have some of Kassia’s fabulous shots on her blog soon.

Ann Taylor stores around the country are getting face lifts, and after roaming around the newly remodeled Ann Taylor at South Coast Plaza, I can see why they’re celebrating! It’s clean and open, with a very inviting lounge area near the fitting rooms complete with a chandelier.  The store layout reminded me of those amazing celebrity closets that I drool over in magazines.

Concept stores have a new look, but still carry all the same Ann Taylor merchandise you’ll find in regular stores and online.

A big thank you goes out to Ann Taylor for the invite to the fabulous soiree, to Jen, Kassia and Linda for tacking the event onto the end of their very busy day, and Wendy for suffering through LA traffic just to hang out with us!

More photos are coming soon, because I had the privilege of hanging out with these fabulous ladies again later in the week…plus the always stylish Jean of Extra Petite!

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  1. says: Vicky

    Looks like you had ton of fun. Thanks for sharing, Kelly.  The weather in the picture looks gorgeous and all you ladies look fantastic! I am looking forward to more pictures. 

  2. says: Vanesa

    Hi Kelly, I’m new at your blog. I just wanted to congratulate you for the amazing blog and information you give us! You guys look amazing in this pictures, stylish yet fresh and natural. The petite fashion bloggers scene, inspire me constantly. Thanks and greetings from South America.

  3. says: Couturecoco5

    What a great event and you all look fabulous!!!! Tops marks to everyone and can’t wait fo rmore photos!

  4. says: Serea

    Any way we can get the details of you and the gals’ outfits?  I love how each gal had different colored shoes.  You all look gorgeous! :)

    1. Thanks Serea! Our photographer Kassia took a great pic of everyone’s shoes, which I can’t wait to see.

      Let me try and get everyone’s outfits:
      Me: Theory blazer, H&M t-shirt, Ever skirt, Cole Haan shoes, Ann Taylor belt, Chanel handbag, J.Crew necklace.
      Jen: Ann Taylor dress, H&M white blazer, Pretty Small Shoes shoes, Chanel handbag (not sure where her first blue striped dress is from).
      Wendy: Armani Exchange jacket, Zara shorts, Christian Louboutin shoes, handmade clutch (she’s so talented!) (not sure where the shirt is from).
      Linda doesn’t have a blog so I have no idea where her outfit is from.

  5. says: Anonymous

    Thank you so much Kelly for inviting me to this event!  I had so much fun!  Everything was awesome – the perfect weather, the stunning mannequin displays, the delicious snacks, the yummy waiters(!), and last but not least, the opportunity to meet you in person.   I’m just so grateful that our paths crossed! 

    1. Pfff…thanks for suffering through the LA rush hour traffic to hang out with us! It was a blast getting to know you last week (and playing in your closet!). We’ll have to do it again soon! :)

  6. says: Erin

    Love it!  I think your concept store opening was a lot more of an event than the one in Arlington. We didn’t have any snacks or drinks beyond little bottles of water!  Everyone looks great by the way!  Love the tote too –  I use mine for carrying my laptop over to the BF’s house :)

    1. Jen just so happened to have a newly tailored, Ann Taylor dress in Wendy’s car. So when Wendy arrived a little while later, Jen decided to wear her Ann Taylor dress. It seemed appropriate. :)

  7. says: ECharlotte

    Such beautiful ladies! Looks like fun. :) Found your blog through Yes & Yes and am hooked! I am tiny too and have had such trouble finding professional and adult clothing. So frustrating when the only thing that fits is in the tween section!! :) Glad I found you!

    1. Thank you ECharlotte, and welcome! Be sure to check out my blogroll for even more petite bloggers, and the Alterations Needed Forum. I’m sure you’ll find lots of helpful shopping tips now that you’ve found our little petite blogger community! :)

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