Petite Outfit: Reunited, And It Feels So Good…Vince Cashmere Cardigan

Do you ever find yourself gravitating toward a particular item over and over again, only to decide each time not to buy it for whatever reason? Maybe it’s too expensive, or not quite what you’re looking for, but each time you see it, you have to walk over to it, touch it, try it on, and mull over it one more time?

That’s been my relationship with this Vince rouched cashmere cardigan for probably about a year now. When I first saw it, I really liked the color, and the idea of it, but it was just too expensive, and the fit wasn’t the greatest, so I walked away. Each time I saw it, I’d go over and touch the soft cashmere and try it on one more time, just in case something had changed. They went on sale, and then disappeared off the sales floor, and I thought it was gone for good. Recently, I happened to find it on pretty good discount at Nordstrom Rack, and in size XS! And in the color I wanted! I guess it was meant to be after all.

Shoes: Cole Haan Carma Suede Pump, size 5 (same style) (similar)
Bracelet: Vintage sterling silver and turquoise children’s cuff

I tend to like classic items that have a weird twist, like maybe an unexpected color, or a fun lining.  I think that’s why I kept thinking about this sweater. It’s a classic cardigan, in a functional color, but the rouching detail gives it some interest.

The sweater is a little baggy, but if I smooth the bulk behind me, it looks nice from the front. I’m hoping it’ll shrink up a bit after I hand wash and air dry it, but in the mean time, it gives a relaxed feel to the outfit. I paired it with skinny jeans because I wanted to balance the roomy fit of the cardigan with a nice sleek fit on the bottom. And I really love this Ann Taylor top. I’ve found a ton of opportunities to wear it so far.

The bracelet is a children’s cuff that my mom found a long time ago. I love the turquoise stone, and it fits my wrist perfectly. I have really thin wrists that make it difficult to find bracelets that don’t just slide right off past my hand and onto the floor. Since my mom is also really petite with thin wrists, she knows just how hard it is to find bracelets that fit. She was nice enough to pass this find on to me. Thanks mom! =)

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  1. says: diaryofashopper

    We are on the same wavelength this week. I just posted a ruched sweater that I found at Nordstrom Rack too.:) But I have to say, I like your find better! It looks just gorgeous on you. And it goes so perfectly with that floral shell!

  2. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Ooo I love it! Great Nordstrom Rack find … we're getting one by my house and I can't wait. I've only shopped the ones in LA / San Diego.

    I'm a big Vince fan in general. A lot of their styles are oversized and slouchy fit, which I like for weekend wear. And their sweaters are soo soo soft!

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Thanks ladies!

    diaryofashopper – great minds think alike! =)

    PAG – Ohhh…congrats on your new Rack! Can't wait to see all the tiny goodies you'll find. =)

    This is my first Vince piece, and so far I love the quality of the cashmere. So soft!

  4. says: Really Petite

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! The 2 shades of purple are soooooo pretty!!!! I can't wait to go to Nordstrom Rack again…must find it!!! :)

  5. says: Anonymous

    You are my style icon when it comes to dressing up dark denim.
    LOVE the look! The turquoise cuff is like cherry in martini. Your mom has exquisite taste.

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    Anonymous – I'm flattered! It's only because I'm a SoCal girl…all we wear around here is denim!

    My mom's jewelry taste is amazing. She's been teaching me very well. =)

  7. says: Anonymous

    You are my style icon when it comes to dressing up dark denim.
    LOVE the look! The turquoise cuff is like cherry in martini. Your mom has exquisite taste.

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