Petite Outfit: Fun with the Ann Taylor Floral Front Top

Out of the five tops I ordered from Ann Taylor (which you can see in this post), only the floral front shell made the cut. I really like the color, and of course the fun flowery detail in front. I like the placement of the floral detail, because I tend to wear a lot of jackets or v-neck cardigans, so details that show in the front versus the side work really well underneath these items.

This is also an opportunity for me to show off my recent purchases from the Carlsbad outlets! Whoohoo! I love a good deal!

The Theory outlet had some great discounts, and while small sizes were hard to find, I did score this cute jacket in size 00. It has a nubby texture to it, which I find really cool! It’ not the most fitted Theory jacket I’ve ever found, but it’s pretty close and looks cute after I roll the sleeves up. For the price, I couldn’t’ pass it up. I forgot to cut the tag in the first photo…oops. Ignore that. =)

My shoes are another new score from the Cole Haan outlet. They’re a really cool thatched design, with a few strips of interwoven patent leather among the regular leather. They give a little bit of shine in the right light. Way cooler than a regular pair of black pumps.

Jacket: Theory Shamara NP Jacket in Insight fabric and Black/Light Ivory color, size 00
Jeans: Paige Laurel Canyon in McKinley, size 24 (waist taken in and length hemmed)


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  1. says: J.

    Really love this whole outfit. The texture and teeny bit of shine from the silk is really pretty!

    I need to get myself down to Carlsbad and call for a shopping day with my aunt. =]

  2. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Of course we have ultra similar outfits up again, lol : ) Great finds at the outlet!

    I'm so mad…one of my "petals" just fell off about an hour ago leaving a small gap in the front. Right after I gave this blouse a nice review, too!

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi J. – Texture is so great! It's my new favorite thing to play with in an outfit. I feel so lame just wearing cotton on cotton. Good luck at the outlets if you end up going! Theory was slim pickings, but BR still had some good stuff.

    PAG – Oh no! I wore mine on Saturday without any incident, but now I'm going to be paranoid! I'm sure you can get crafty and sew that little sucker back on. =)

  4. says: peachcharm

    I'm really liking that top and saw it on PetiteAsianGirl's blog too. I wish they still had PXXS online :(

    and cute jacket btw =)

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi peachcharm – Thanks! I wish it was still online is PXXS too. =(

    The worst part of blogging about PXXS clothing is how quickly it sells out. I feel bad when I finally get it in the mail, take pictures and get a post up…and then…it's all sold out!

  6. says: Nukem

    Cute top! But after my ruffle top started snagging on itself, I'm kind of wary of buying any more AT tops with decorations on it :(

  7. says: me in millions

    Just discovered your blog. I'm not as tiny as you, but I'm looking forward to learning some more places get great dress clothes. And I LOVE those shoes!

  8. says: Nukem

    Cute top! But after my ruffle top started snagging on itself, I'm kind of wary of buying any more AT tops with decorations on it :(

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