Petite Outfit – My Bosom is Abloom for Peplum Gingham

Top: Ann Taylor floral front top, size PXXS (review)
Jeans: Paige Laurel Canyon, size 24 (hemmed & waist taken in)
Shoes: Cole Haan Carma open toe pump, size 5
Jewelry: Pearl necklace (similar), carnelian bracelet (similar) & silver bracelet

I’m really enjoying this petite size Urban Outfitters peplum jacket. The bluish grey color has lent itself to interesting pairings, like the pale purple of this Ann Taylor floral shell from last year. I wore this for a day trip to LA, and got loads of compliments on it. It’s such an easy, but interesting piece to just throw on.

I also figured out the top worn underneath it looks way better tucked in. Lesson learned.

The Ann Taylor petite floral front shell has also proven to be a great wardrobe addition. After joking with a friend that my “bosom was abloom”, I’m tickled by the thought every time I wear it. Fashion is fun!

If you look closely at the shape of the jacket, it abides by my favorite “X” shape criteria too!

PS – I took this photo all by myself, with my huge DSLR camera set up a tripod, and a remote control. I was terrified someone would see me, and only got a few shots in before I ran away because I heard people coming…LOL. I’m such a chicken…*shakes head in shame*

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  1. says: Em

    The blazer looks really good! It's also probably comfortable because it's knit, right?

    …so THAT'S why your photos look so great..i need to get a DSLR.

  2. says: Banhannas

    I nearly choked on my water when I read your blog post title, it is way too cute! The outfit looks great, love the "swelling" of the rosettes peeking out of the blazer. Nice choice in shoes too, it brings nice contrast to the cool tones in your outfit.

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Em – It's SUPER comfy! I love it. LOL – I have an entry level DSLR, so it's easier to use than one of those big $$$$ ones, and still gives great photos.

    Banhannas – I had to stick in there something about being "abloom"…glad you liked it. =)

  4. says: Anonymous

    Hi, new to petite blogs. But loving all the photos. I was just wondering about Cole Haan shoes since I've been thinking about splurging on a comfortable pair of basic black pumps. Are they as comfortable as everyone says they are? I'm typically not a heel person, usually my feet scream at me anything about 2.5?

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    Anonymous – I love Cole Haan. The "Nike Air" technology helps the comfort level a lot. They also have a small platform, which makes the heel feel shorter. Most of mine are 3.5" heels, but with the platform, feel more like 3". They run a little narrow, so they fit my narrow feet well. If you're wide footed, you might not find them very comfortable.

  6. says: kileen at cute and little

    This outfit is too cute! I love the Peplum Gingham jacket! I only wish I had been able to snag one up before they were all sold out. I also go with the "X-Shape" criteria when finding clothes. It's definitely the most flattering look for petites!


    Btw, I just started a petite fashion/beauty blog too and added AN to my blogroll. Hope you don't mind!

  7. says: Javacurls

    You are just too cute! I'm sure I would have ran too. lol! I absolutely love that AT blouse. I must have been asleep last year because I missed out on ordering that ruffle top.

  8. says: littlenashua

    I won't do photos outside for the same reason, even though I know the lighting is better. I've been way behind in blogging because of a lack of photos -I have about 5 entries written and ready to publish, but no photos.

  9. says: Elle

    I love the peplum jacket on you, it looks more fitted than in the review. Did you try shrinking it? It truly looks great on you and I don't know why I ever hesitated when thinking about ordering this jacket when smaller sizes were still available.

    you are NOT a chicken, I still take pictures of myself in the mirror. I am the bigger chicken.

  10. says: Alterations Needed

    I'm glad I'm not the only one afraid of being "caught" taking blog photos. =)

    Elle – I didn't shrink my knit jacket, but I just saw on Twitter that Jen at From Head To Toe did. She's quite a bit smaller than me, and shrank her XS jacket in the wash, and said it fits way better now.

  11. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    When ppl walk by and stare and or snicker I try to hide my discomfort by giving them a huge smile. Last time it backfired and an old lady came over and babbled to nick about how lovely I was.

    Love the petal top…funnily enough I have it on now. It's a good travel top. It folds up to practically nothing, plus the petals stay fluffy despite being crushed during travel.

  12. says: Cee

    I usually take my outfit pictures at my work bathroom. And even though I work in a mainly male-dominant environment, I freak out every time I hear footsteps outside haha :P

    Love the outfit, the styling, and the title of this post!

  13. says: SewPetiteGal

    LOL at running away when you heard people – I would do the same thing! The good thing is that nothing beats natural light for a photo and it turned out great :)

  14. says: Really Petite

    Such a cute outfit!!!! Ah…that famous petal top that I missed out on and had to settle for a larger size in the gray color :(

  15. says: curls-and-pearls

    Yet another perfect outfit! I don't blame you for running away, I'm so chicken the most "outdoors" I got was shooting a couple shots on my balcony and even then I pretended I was looking for something LOL!

  16. says: The Little Dust Princess

    I love the petal top and the blazer looks great on you! omg I'm too chicken to go outside and take pictures of myself. LOL At least you actually went out!

  17. says: Canadianpetite

    The title sure got my attention. As for pic taking in public, well…I still get embarrassed when my hubby catches me. Still need lots of practice.

    Love how your shoe color complete your top and jkt combo.

  18. says: PetiteXXS

    Well, at least you got in a great shot before getting interrupted! :) I think it's worse trying to take pics with tripod… at least people with photographer BFs can pretend to be tourists or something if someone walks by lol… hard to explain why you're posing in front of a tripod :P

  19. says: Leia

    That blazer and top are ADORABLE!

    Also – hellooo. I'm new to your blog – came here via a comment you left on my 'blogger etiquette' post and wanted to say hi! :)


  20. says: HM63

    Another great look!

    Nice to see you tucking. As a fellow short waisted girl I often find that tucking helps make my torso look longer. Sometimes a belt helps too to define that area.

    My husband and kids would think I'd gone insane if they saw me taking pictures of myself and posting them online. :)

  21. says: jlovesBal

    LOL! You are hilarious, I know what you mean about wanting to running away. When bf and I were at a public place shooting mod shots, I told him I wanted to hurry the heck up and get it over with before people start staring at us.

    I just borrowed a tripod from someone and I have yet to use it.. you've given me inspiration to start though. :)

    Great outfit!! The jacket is awesome.

  22. says: Michelle

    Nice pairing! The blazer looks so nice on you! Lol about taking the pictures outside! I think I would be too chicken to do that in the first place, so at least you got a few in! :)

    I have to tell you, that I am so angry with my computer. It has not let me load your webpage (and several others) this past day or two. It is a miracle I am viewing it tonight…actually, it was probably the 10-15 different page re-load attempts.

  23. says: Clara

    I just lost my Kimchi Blue knit peplum jacket and I am heart broken because I cannot find if for sale anywhere! Can you or anyone help? It was my favorite jacket and I would be so happy to find another one!

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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