Summer 2009: Banana Republic Petite XXS

Banana Republic added some new merchandise for their summer collection in size petite XXS recently, and there were a few items I was interested in trying out. So, I put in an order of items in a few different cuts and fabrics, got free shipping for using my Banana Card (free shipping on orders of $100 or more), and had a little BR fashion show. Most of the items are going back, just because they’re not my particular taste, but I got a gem or two in there as well.

First…the good…

The fit on both these tops were great. The length, shoulders, sleeves, and torso width are all great, and work right off the rack.

I really liked the twist-detail top, but the cut-outs along the neckline showed my bra on both the shoulders and top of the chest. I know I would be fidgeting with the neckline all day if I were to wear it, so sadly, it is being returned.

The ruffle top is just not my personal taste, so that will be returned as well.

Now…the bad…

This top is akin to wearing a sack. There was no drape to this top…just a poof outward that makes my torso look like a square. Even the ruffle details on this one were too much for my small frame, and looked ridiculous. This one is definitely being returned.

Now…the keeper, but with alterations…

The design and detail of this top is something I’ve been looking to add to my wardrobe for a while now. I love the ruffle detail down the front, and it is a wispy cotton silk, so the ruffle doesn’t stand up or overwhelm me. The pattern is great, and I need more prints in my wardrobe, so this fits the bill nicely. There is also a nice tie detail at the back (see below) that cinches in the waist.

Despite the back tie detail, this top is still a bit too big for me. In order to get the shirt to fit the way I want it to, I have to tighten the back tie as far as it will go, which causes the fabric at the shoulder to bunch up a bit. This problem will be solved by taking it to my tailor to get the sides taken in. Below is the shirt untied in the back.



The current Banana Republic petite XXS offerings in tops fit well depending on the fabric content. As a rule of thumb, most garments made in silk are cut larger than garments made of fabrics with a little “stretch” to them. This makes it easier to put the garment on. I saw this exact same thing with the BR petite XXS tops I tried. The items made with silk content are cut generously, and would need to be taken in a bit.

Along this same idea, the garments made with fabrics that have stretch fit great right off the rack. These items are cut smaller all around, and fit great without the need for alterations.

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