Adventures in Alterations: Taking in the Sides of a Shirt

Remember the Banana Republic petite size xxs top that needed the sides to be taken in? I got it back from my tailor!

Here it is before alterations:


The shirt was cut a bit generously, and even though there is a tie in back to pull in the waist, there was so much extra fabric that it bunched too much when tied.

After alterations:

Cost of Alteration: $18

Taking the sides in removed the excess fabric that was bunching around my shoulders and adding volume below my waist. It also brought in the sleeve openings a bit, making for a better fit around my arms.

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  1. says: Liane

    that looks much better! which tailor do you use? i'm in the LA area too… have never had anything altered but i'm starting to think i should try it out

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Liane!

    I really like my current tailor…and I've had a lot of tailors! I like her a lot because when I bring something in, she tells me what it needs…not the other way around. When a tailor does exactly what you tell them…how does that do any good? They're the experts…not me!

    My tailor is Marina in West LA. Her shop is called First Class Tailors, in the shopping center on the north-west corner of Wilshire and Barrington. I have loved every alteration she has done for me!

    Once you go tailored…you never go back!

  3. says: Jackie

    I agree with you! I wish I could find a tailor that tells me what's worng with something. I mean, I know what I don't like about it, but there could be more that should be changed that I don't see.

  4. says: evelyn

    Hey, I came across your blog by researching Rag and Bone fit since I'm also extremely petite. I'm probably slightly bigger than you but I find that Free People, Top Shop's Petite line, and Jet denim run very small. Just thought I'd throw out the tip there since I've been getting tips from you =D

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