My New Choo’s…

Perusing the sale shoes at Nordstrom at Fashion Valley in San Diego (FV is a great place to find small size shoes btw!), I found a super marked down pair of black patent Jimmy Choo’s, in a popular style, in size 4.5. This is shocking because, high end shoes in small sizes always go quickly, and then to find such a popular style at such a marked down price is unheard of.

I’m a true to small size 5 in shoes, so I figured I’d try these size 4.5’s on just for fun, not expecting to be able to wedge my foot into them. To my delight, and partially to my horror, the 4.5 size shoes fit perfectly!

The good news is, I scored a super cute pair of Jimmy Choo’s at a fantastic discount. The bad news is, I found out I can sometimes be a size 4.5 shoe. The size 4.5 and under ladies out there know how difficult this size is to find, and why this realization can be horrifying to a shoe lover who has a hard enough time scoring shoes in size 5.

This is also amusing considering just a few years ago, I had convinced myself I was a size 6. One day, while on a job interview, I was following behind a very quick walker on an office tour, when my too large size 6 shoe flew off my foot and across the room. As I fished my shoe out from under the desk it had flown under, I realized I had to better research my actual shoe size.

It’s also good to know Jimmy Choo makes shoes smaller than a size 5!

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  1. says: Liane

    the funny thing is that nordstrom says the shoes run small and to order 1/2 size up… so you may actually be a size 4!

    i luckily have big feet for my height so shoes are the only thing i don't have trouble finding (i'm a 5.5/6)

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Liane,

    I saw that note on the Nordstrom site as well! It's weird b/c I had the same problem with a pair of shoes from Saks that also said a fit model suggested they ran small…and ended up being huge! What's wrong with these fit models? Why are all the shoes in my closet size 5…except I'm a smaller size for shoes that "run small"…doesn't make sense. Here is the post I wrote on the first time this happened.

    In Memoriam: YSL Pumps

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    These shoes retailed for $625. I got them on the second markdown for $248.90, which is about the retail price for a mid-tier brand pair of shoes, such as Cole Haan.

    When you can get premiere, high end shoes for mid-tier prices…that's a deal!

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