Business in Front…Party in the Back






Hi everyone! Happy July! It’s my birthday month, so naturally I’m a big fan.

I’m also a big fan of knit vests/tanks over collared button up shirts, especially when paired with casual denim. I thought for a long time that my personal style revolved heavily around dressing up denim…but now I’m thinking my style revolves more around the casualing-down of dressy wear. My outfit thought process heavily leans on what to wear on top as I flip through a top and blazer-heavy wardrobe, with a random pair of jeans slapped on before heading out the door. Business on top, party on the bottom perhaps?

Kinda like this knit tank…business in front, party in the back. ;)

— Outfit Details —

Tank Bec and Bridge thanks to Adela Mei
Shirt Ann Taylor (old)
Shorts American Eagle Outfitters (on sale!)
Shoes Kate Spade
Handbag Chanel
Sunglasses Oliver Peoples
Watch thanks to Daniel Wellington
Necklace DIY
Rings vintage & Catbird

— Altered —

nothing =)

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  1. says: Deb

    Yet another great look! Love the vest and the way you have styled it. I imagine it would look good on its own too. Your comment on denim dressing down your dressy clothes is very apt for me too. Love your blog. Thanks! Regards. Deb

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