Sequins, Chambray & Leopard


These shorts are an accidental new addition to my wardrobe. After clumsily tipping over my glass of iced tea, it dripped onto the chair where these were sitting, awaiting my final decision to keep or return. Inspecting the yellow tea spots all over them, I shrugged my shoulders and snipped the tags…looks like I’ll be keeping them. Luckily a good spray with stain remover and a wash took the stains out.


I adore this watch, and swapping out the watch strap for a less blingy version helps me wear it non-stop.




:: photos – Mr. AN ::

ps…Cee wore sequins and chambray recently too…

Outfit Details – Ann Taylor chambray blouse (altered) (similar) :: J.Crew sequin tank :: J.Crew Crewcuts shorts (I’m wearing size 10) :Ann Taylor belt :: Cole Haan shoes :: J.Crew handbag :: Kate Spade watch (customized) ::  Stella & Dot bracelet (c/0) (in silver) :: Lux Accessories necklace :Loud Love Jewelry ring (c/o via giftcard) :: Essie “Turquoise and Caicos” nail color

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      1. says: Ana

        I am working on it, too.  I really want to, but the hotels are much more ridiculous in September than they are in February.  I might have to sell a kidney, but I’ll keep you posted if I do so you can promote it! ;-)

  1. says: typed_for_miles

    Ohh love this outfit! The shorts are great, glad you are keeping them.

    Just realized you’re a local. Are you going to the Creative Connections event in SD this week?

      1. says: typed_for_miles

        You really should! The last day to get a ticket is tomorrow. It’s at the Pearl Hotel, which I hear is awesome. 

  2. says: Janki

    Cute look! I like your flats. I find it impossible to carry off the shorts with high heels look. May e because I live in a super casual place and am a mom. It looks cute on you but always seems so unwearable for me. This look I could copy. Glad the shorts worked out.

  3. says: Joanna F.

    love your loafers, and that super cute watch! i was also wondering what your hair care routine is? my curls are almost exactly as yours, but i can never get them to look as shiny and bouncy. any tips or product ideas?

    1. Hi Joanna! Thank you for the hair compliment! I have very thin/fine hair and I’m using Matrix Curl Life Body Shape Foam ( to style. I scrunch in product when it’s super wet after a shower, and dry with a diffuser with my head upside down for maximum volume. Then…here’s my trick…after scrunching to get rid of crunch and spraying with Ouidad Styling Mist for hold, I go to sleep (I shower and style my hair at night before bed) with my hair spread up and over the top of my pillow (I’ve heard tying it in a very high and loose pony tail works too if you move around a lot in your sleep). Sleeping like this gives my hair more volume (because it doesn’t have gravity holding it down all night) and gets rid of more crunch so it’s soft and bouncy in the morning. Hope that helps!

  4. says: wendyslookbook

    From the minute I saw it on Instagram, I couldn’t wait for the full post!  I love seeing sequin and chambray together.  It’s understated elegance.  And the leopard loafers are darling!  

  5. says: witheachpassingday

    Those short was mention to be added to your wardrobe. The fashion fairy made you tip your glass of ice tea.  =)  I love the outfit. It fun, casual and classic all rolled into one.  

  6. says: SewPetiteGal

    Um, love!  Pinning!  I love the combination of everything.  I would have never thought of putting them together, but now that I see this, they just flow together seamlessly.

  7. says: Michelle

    Those shoes are still amazing! :)

    Glad you decided the shorts are keepers…I would love to hear more about Crewcuts sizing. I have never ordered any clothing from their, but have seen a few others besides yourself (Jean, Vicky) post about them.

    And great location for pictures! :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! I haven’t delved into Crew Cuts enough to be an expert, but the bottoms have really surprised me. They are smaller versions of the adult line, in the same fabrics and styles, so it’s a win as far as quality and style for the price goes. You might run into the problem of the size that fits you best being a bit short in the sleeves and pant legs for you though. 

  8. says: Jeana

    I <3 this BLOG! I'm one inch taller (5'0" even)  with long legs, and a size 8 shoe, so I tend to appear 5'3"-5'4." I love the shoes. Where are they from?

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