Making a Mini Statement – J.Crew Mini Pearl Supernova Necklace


I’ve been secretly eyeing this little necklace from J.Crew for weeks, and when it finally went on sale last week, I pounced! Then it went on extra 30% off with code MUSTHAVE, and now I’ve officially over-paid…oh well. I still love it and wanted to share it’s adorableness with anyone else who might want to pick it up for less than what I bought it for.

This necklace is a mini-sized statement/bib necklace, that is perfect for anyone looking for a little bling, but afraid of being overwhelmed by your baubles. Being mini myself, I’m partial to other things that are “mini”.  :)


Faux pearls dangle from a bib of brass mesh, on an 18 inch chain with 3 inch extender. It comes in two colors, dark gold (the one I’m wearing) or silver. Retailing at full price for $55…it’s on sale for $29.99, plus an extra 30% off sale items, which brings it to $20.99. Just as I was sitting down to write this post, I noticed it disappeared from the J.Crew website, but fear not…I have the item number for you to harass your local J.Crew store: 40994. **Update** the Pearl Supernova Necklace has popped back up on the J.Crew site!

There is also this very close dupe for the same price, sans pearls, but just as adorable:



**UPDATE** Sydney just tweeted that this necklace is now $7 in stores!

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  1. says: Anonymous

    I just found your blog this week…I’m 5’1″ and hourglass shaped and I always HATED shopping for clothes. I knew most things I tried on did not fit right but I didn’t know what to do about it or how to find clothes that FIT. As I get older there’s the added problem of dressing my age (23) and not like a 16 year old!

    I love the necklace, even though it’s a bib it’s not overwhelming. Also, your shoes- you have an amazing shoe collection!

  2. says: AUBREY

    this describes me: ” anyone looking for a little bling, but afraid of being overwhelmed by your baubles.”

    I’m really into button up shirts w/feminine statement jewelry right now. 

  3. says: Sonia

    Thanks for the review..I love the necklace! I put it on hold at my neighborhood JCrew..will hopefully pick it up tomorrow. I love how you styled it…I can’t wait to wear it!

  4. says: J P

    looks great on you kelly! definitely adorbs necklace. just saw this today and was right by a jcrew yesterday! grr. :)

  5. says: Vicky

    lol on “Being mini myself, I’m partial to other things that are “mini””. I am guilty of that too! You look so chic as usual. I like the way you use the red Chanel to add a pop of color to the outfit.  Thanks for sharing, Kelly.

  6. Cute necklace!  I love it with the blue colors and the blazer – so classic!

    I too just bought some items from J. Crew prior to the 30% off code.  Oops!  Oh well :P

  7. says: Irene

    Wow, what a steal for a J.Crew Necklace!  I usually stay away from J. Crew from fear of overspending. Their accessories are just too cute!  Sorry the necklace went on sale after you bought them. :/ Thanks for sharing anyway. <3

  8. says: Katherine

    email jcrew about the change!  sometimes (it happened once to me) they will give you the new discount.  

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