LOFT Petite Pants – Equestrian Wool Lean Trousers

** Congrats to Curls and Pearls, who won the signed copy of Gunn’s Golden Rules! **

Not the most exciting outfit, but I wanted to get these photos up for today, since these LOFT petite pants are on sale, run small, still available online in size 00P, and are an extra 30% off!

Ann Taylor Loft petite pants
Ann Taylor Loft petite pants
Ann Taylor Loft petite pants
Ann Taylor Loft petite pants
Nice fit in the rear.
Ann Taylor Loft petite pants
Just a small amount of space at the waist, not even enough to alter!
Pants: LOFT Petite Equestrian Wool Trousers, size 00P (On sale, with an extra 30% off!)
Top: H&M, size XS
Shoes: Cole Haan Carma Pump, size 5 (similar from Cole Haan) (similar from Ann Taylor & on sale!)

I had an Ann Taylor Rewards Card that was going to expire yesterday, so I ran over to LOFT to see what they had on sale, with the extra 30% off promotion. I found these pants in size 00P, and while skinny trousers usually don’t look good on me (I think because I don’t have calves, and the widest part of me is the top of my thighs, not my hips. Something about that shape is not very skinny pant friendly), but I liked the fabric of these and figured I’d give them a shot.

I tried a few other pairs of pants while I was there, and one after the other had huge waists and thighs…so I wasn’t expecting much from these lean trousers. I pulled them on…and, hold on a minute…these actually fit in the waist! And in the thigh! Miraculous!

What I like – Slim in the waist, thigh and all the way down the leg. Nice fit in the rear. Low rise, which is really hard to find in pants that aren’t jeans. Lined, but only half way down the leg (I’ll expand on that below). I love the welt back pocket details and love that is has front pockets (I’m awkward with my hands and always appreciate a place to shove them). The cuff at the bottom of the leg makes them a little more casual, and menswear-ish. The fabric is a nice and thick (and warm!) wool/nylon/linen blend. I’m liking these natural fibers LOFT!

What I don’t like – These pants are lined only half way down the leg. Is this normal? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. If you detest the feel of wool, and fear getting itchy below the knee, these may not be for you. The side slit pockets are the kind that have the potential to widen a woman at the hip, so if you find these pockets don’t work for you, they may need to be sewn shut or removed altogether. My hips aren’t very wide, so I can usually get away with these pockets, but I know lots of women find them problematic. There is a tiny bit of extra fabric at the waist on me, but it’s not really enough to pay to get taken in. They stay up well enough, and worse case scenario, I’ll belt them.

Size 00P Product Info (laying flat):
Ann Taylor Loft petite pants measurements
Shell: 67% wool, 19% nylon, 14% linen
Lining: 100% acetate
Dry clean only

I don’t own any skinny pants besides my one pair of Paige skinny jeans, so I’m looking forward to playing with these and coming up with some fun outfits!

Ann Taylor Loft petite pants
Clinton is such a ham!

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  1. says: kileen

    wow, these pants fit great on you!! i have had the worst luck with ATL pants, but you've convinced me to give them another shot! great review and congrats Curls and Pearls for winning the giveaway!


  2. says: AubreyOhDang!

    congrats curls & Pearls!

    Gosh, I would love to see you wear more skinny jeans.

    I dont know why but I'm not a fan of skinny trousers on anyone. or cropped trousers on petites.

    big fan of the cream cardigan though.

    last picture is too adorable. look @ that clinton. I want to squeeze him!

  3. says: Elle

    Clinton is so cute…and totally stealing your thunder in that last shot.

    Skinny pants look good on you, I actually think they look better on people with thinner stems than say someone like me. Can't wait to see what you'll do with these, they are so versatile!

  4. says: Anonymous

    I love the fabric of the pants, but I'm not sure I love the pants on you or that these are actually "skinny" on you. The top portion of the pants seems bigger than acceptable on you and I'm not liking the cuffs either. I'm not sure exactly why but they are more prominent and tighter than I'd like. And I also think the cuffs really taper bottom and making the top portion more rotund than it is. Maybe it's just me? I do, however, like that you've really mixed it compared to your usual jeans.

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    kileen – I think they changed their cut, because last year, they fit me better, but this year, the waists and thighs are all huge on me. This is the first pair in a while that has actually fit!

    AubreyOhDang! – The look can be hit or miss for sure. I was anti-skinny pant at first, but the look has been growing on me recently. This is my first baby step into it. Hopefully I can perfect it soon. =)

    Elle – I know…people are going to get bored of me and just want Clinton pics plastered everywhere! LOL. The lean pant look does look great on girls with long skinny legs, so it makes sense that they would work for my scrawny legs, but for some reason I have a hard time wearing them. I think it's because my widest part is at my upper thigh, and not my hips like most women.

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    curls-and-pearls – Congrats! I'll get the book out to you ASAP so you can start reading all Tim's dirt on the fashion industry. =)

    Anonymous – I definitely need to switch it up from jeans! Skinny style pants easily make the hips/thighs look big, since the bottom tapers so much. It might just come down to I have to figure out a better top to pair it with to counter-act the skinny cut. I'm liking the cut so far, and I'll see if I can sway your opinion with another outfit down the line. =)

  7. says: Jen

    I am in the anti-ankle pants for any petites camp but I actually really love these on you. The fabric makes them look classic and beyond the crop pant trend imo.

    Yer such a classy lady. ^_~

  8. says: Anonymous

    It is common and normal to find half lining on narrow pants with thick winter fabric. Less bulky and maintain an overall sleek silhouettes.
    BTW, all premium man trousers have half lining sewed smoothly to the front thigh section. An industry standard.
    Keep the pant, it looks very nice on you than on me. I tried on the same pant in store 2 weeks ago but the side pockets stick out like a sore thumb next to my BIG BOTTOM.

  9. says: Anonymous

    Just one more suggestion. If you decide to keep the pant, consider removing the cuff to streamline the look. Personal preference !

  10. says: Anonymous

    I love your pants! Really nice fit on you and very flattering. I wore my new Julie 00P curvy fit pants yesterday from ATL and it makes such a difference when you get something that really fits well. I have about 5 or 6 pair of work slack/pants that fit really well, the rest I don't wear because of the fit. I have lots of jeans that fit really well and love those on my off time. On skinny pants…..I have gap black skinny pants in size 1 and am always looking for shoes that are flattering and comfortable to work with them for winter. I have to stand at work…..ugh but still in the Boutique so have to look nice too. Have been doing pointy toe flats and ankle boots so far…..what do you suggest? Thanks for your help! Bonnie

  11. says: Callandra

    I read your post, drooled over Clinton, read the comments, drooled over Clinton….you get the idea….Lol Anyway, I saw that someone suggested you get the cuffed hem taken off the bottom of the pants and realized that the cuffs were bothering me too. Normally I love cuffs, forget the style gurus who caution all petite's against them, I wear them pell-mell on all of my trousers. However, I have to say that I think that I would so love these on you without the cuffs. Oh! btw, I have pants purchased from the Gap and American Eagle that are only half lined..I must admit it's not a comfortable feeling for sure!

  12. says: I am Khatu

    I really like those pants. However I find the loft's petite sizing does not fit me… now I know i'm not that small… :-/ also, their cut is too boxy for my liking, their suits make me look fat..

  13. says: Alterations Needed

    Jen – Thanks Jen! I guess I got influenced by all the skinny trousers Jean wears. =)

    Anonymous (11:35AM) – Thanks for the info! I've never seen a 1/2 lined pant before. Now I know. =)

    Anonymous (1:38PM) – Normally I would suggest kitten heels for comfort, but I've tried wearing them with skinny pants/jeans, and it just doesn't look right. I would suggest you get some Foot Petals to put in your shoes. The "Tip Toes" have made a 4in pair of stilettos into a pair I can wear all night!

  14. says: Alterations Needed

    Callandra – I like how Clinton played "where's waldo" this time around. His little head is peaking into so many pics!

    Hmmm…so two people don't like the cuffs huh? I personally don't see the issue with them, but I like the menswear-ish feeling they give to the pants. I just took a look at the cuffs and they're only sewn in two small spots, so easy to take down. but then I'd have to get them hemmed, which I don't really care to do. I'll think about it…

    I am Khatu – I agree with you, both LOFT and Ann Taylor can be boxy. I can't wear their jackets at all…boxy city!

  15. says: Really Petite

    You look so cute! Your outfits are always so put together. I don't like the cuffs though.

    I gave you a shout out on my latest youtube video for the Vince Cardigan I found AGAIN :) But this time in XS!!!

  16. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Oh my goodness…love love these and I'm definitely going to pick them up. Now I'm just wondering whether to wait for a better sale.

    I grabbed these the last time I went to LOFT envisioning them on a tall model with the cuffs hitting at a cropped length, like how all the j.crew models wear skinny trousers. I thought these were very fashion-forward pants for a place like LOFT! Alas, Nick was impatient so I didn't even get to try them on…imagine my joy to see them modeled here on you today.

    I think some may think the cuffs look funky because cuffs on skinny pants technically should look better when the pants are cropped to hit above the ankles. I agree that these would look nice on you without the cuffs, as regular skinny pants, but I think the cuff detail is too darling to do away with. Hmm, what to do..what to do.

  17. says: Alterations Needed

    PetiteAsianGirl – We are always on the same fashion track! LOL. Hmmm…should I try folding them up at the cuff so they're shorter? Maybe that will help the look.

  18. says: SewPetiteGal

    I love how you make everything look so chic and elegant :) Are you wearing a brooch on your cardigan? Or is it a design on the cardigan? Either way, flawless outfit! I haven't experienced a half-lined pant either…

  19. says: PetiteXXS

    You look so chic Kelly! And were these pics taken with the new lens? The pic quality looks even nicer than usual! I'm really surprised that the pants fit so well, LOFT bottoms have never really fit me well at all… I'm really curious to try them out now! And I looove the AE cardigan to death, they fit so slim and are super warm! So glad I got them in both colors :)

  20. says: TinyInTexas

    Aw those look so good on you. I wish I could wear petite length pants, but they always come up way past my ankles :( otherwise i'd totally try these!

  21. says: Jackie

    Cute! LOFT is awesome for petites thx for your comment on the album again! PETITE POWER lol!

    I love that picture with you and Clinton <3 so cute!

  22. says: Alterations Needed

    SewPetiteGal – Thanks! Yup, that's a vintage art deco brooch I got at a vintage expo earlier this year. I love it!

    PetiteXXS – Yup, I'm tinkering with the new lens but my little patio shots don't do it justice. Finding great photo locations is hard! So glad you picked up those cardigans! Aren't they great? I wear one of them at least twice a week!

    Amy Z. – Thanks Amy!

  23. says: Alterations Needed

    TinyInTexas – The cuff on these are only sewn on by small tacks of thread. They can be snipped and the cuff let down for an extra inch or two. I'm assuming regular size pants are too big in the waist/leg/thigh?

    Jackie – I had to stick up for the petite ladies! I'm glad so many other petites were shooting down the haters. Most people don't understand the challenges petite women face. It's gonna take some educating on our part.

    Michelle – Yay! Finally someone who likes the cuff! LOL. =)

  24. says: deborah

    Just got these in the mail too. I have pretty short legs so the inseam goes to the bottom of my heel without shoes on, about a little over an inch from where it hits you. It scrunched funny in the front, and fell to where my heel starts on back. I had the same problem with the scuba pants. Awkward. folded up the cuffs, and viola. Problem solved. :) Always the best when I can save on my tailoring bill.

  25. says: Krissy

    I have been trying to find these ever since I saw this post…about 2 weeks ago! I finally found them yesterday!! Went to Loft and was just looking at the sale clothes and there they were, just waiting for me! Couldn't believe they had a 00P left! The best part about it, they were $10!! I can't wait to wear them, although it may be awhile since the weather is getting warmer! Thanks for the inspiration!

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