Re-Connecting the Dots (with Before & After Pant Alterations)


Just when I thought I was done buying polka dots, I saw these pants at Banana Republic and was smitten. So many times, polka dot pants seemed gimmicky to me, but something about these felt otherwise. The dots were just the right size and color, and I appreciate the waffled texture. The pants come fully lined, which is very welcome when it comes to white bottoms.


The blue suede Manolo Blahnik point toe pumps are one of the current favorites in my shoe wardrobe, so much so that I found myself wishing for the same style in black. After shopping around and considering cheaper options, these Kate Spade “Licorice Too” pumps are clear winners. Nearly identical to the Manolo Blahnik BB in design and heel height, and a great fit for this narrow footed-girl. I also tried the J.Crew Everly, and while they were very nice, the Kate Spades won me over immediately by comparison. For fit reference, I took a size 34.5 in the BBs and have them padded to fit better (sized down one half size). I took a size 5 in these Kate Spades, and don’t need any pads (true to my normal shoe size). I took a size 5.5 in the J.Crew Everly, and would need ball-of-foot pads to better fill the toe box which was a little wide for my narrow foot (sized up one half size).

The pants, as per usual, needed a little tailoring. A good fit in the front and rise, these needed an adjustment at the waist gap, and I wanted a slimmer leg-line than off the rack. For $28 at my local tailor, I had both adjustments made. Here is a quick look at the pants before taking them to the tailor (I’m holding them up by the waist gap in the pic to the left):




Outfit detailsJ.Crew blouse :: Banana Republic pants :: Banana Republic belt :: Kate Spade shoes :: Chanel handbag :: Kate Spade watch :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/o) & necklace (c/o) :: Daisy Knights ring

Altered – Banana Republic pants have been slimmed & the waist taken in :: Kate Spade watch has had the strap replaced

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  1. says: Olyvia

    Wow, those pants look perfect on you! I agree the size and overall effects of the dots are very neutral and not too crazy as some dot prints are. Great purchase!

    1. Hi Michelle! I bought the pants in size 00P, so petites are available. The BR website has been messing up on that product page since yesterday for some reason. =(

      I switch between two tailors in SD. If you live closer to SD proper, Francois at La Moda Fine Tailoring is great! It’s a menswear shop, so don’t get intimidated if you go in. Francois is very nice and does a lot of menswear tailoirng, so he’s great for complicated alterations, but can be a bit pricey. I have him take in the shoulders of my blazers:

      Recently though, I’ve been using Kim’s Alterations in Encinitas which has been more convenient for me, as well a cheaper. They’ve been doing a great job on all my stuff, including these pants. I haven’t taken shoulder alterations to them, but they’ve done pretty much every other alteration I typically get done very nicely.

    1. The BB’s will probably fit you nicely. I really like how narrow and “cup-like” the heel of the Kate Spades are because my heel is very narrow. The BB’s are wider and less stiff back there as the Kate Spades, while the toe box is very similar.

  2. says: Candice

    I’m hoping to purchase the BB’s one day. Thanks for the sharing the info. on the shoes. Does the Kate Spade “Licorice Too” pumps come in different colors? The alterations look amazing!

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