Dress Pants for Tiny Petites: Ann Taylor

I’ve been looking for dress pants for quite some time, and both J.Crew and Banana Republic have failed me. The petite J.Crew suiting in size 0 was WAY too big, and the Banana Republic Martin Fit in petite 00 was not only too big, but the fit was so bad that my tailor deemed them unalterable. So, I finally gave Ann Taylor a try. 

Ann Taylor recently changed the names of their pant fit offerings, so I went for the “Modern” fit, which is supposed to be the equivalent to their “Lindsay” fit. The “Modern” has a lower rise and slimmer fit. I really loved the look of these charcoal gray striped dress pants, and ordered them in size petite 00.

I loved the look, and the length was perfect for my 3 inch heels, but the fit wasn’t quite right.

Ann Taylor Petite PantsThe waist was too big, but not by that much. The front of the pant had a generally good fit, and the rise fit well.
Ann Taylor Petite PantsThe pant leg was way too wide, so it looked a bit overwhelming on my small frame.

I really liked these pants, and the fit was closer than any other dress pant I’d tried on before, so I took these to my tailor to see what she could do. She took in the waist and slimmed the leg/thigh, and now my pants are perfect!

Ann Taylor Petite Pants Ann Taylor Petite Pants
Pants in petite 00 after having the waist taken in the leg/thigh slimmed.

I’ve officially named Ann Taylor as my resource for dress pants! Tiny petites looking for dress or work pants that can be easily altered should definitely check out Ann Taylor in size petite 00. 

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  1. says: Jennifer

    I like what used to be called their Margo fit (now Signature fit), but I'm a little curvier than you. The inseam is a bit too long even with heels, but the overall fit is better than I've found anywhere else. Their 2P is a good fit for me. Hoping I can get down to a 0P at some point!

    Glad you found pants! Now I need to find a good tailor…

  2. says: Anonymous


    I can't even fit those….any other recommendations??? I need a pair of pants & the jacket! None of thosse companies fit! I also got narrow shoulders & hips…HELP!!

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Apple. The Ann Taylor pants didn't exactly fit me either. The point here is that they fit well enough to be altered down. Have you tried taking these to a tailor?

    I haven't tried Ann Taylor jackets yet, so I'm sure how those fit. Maybe you can get lucky with a narrow shouldered one that can have the sides taken in?

    Another option is to consider having a suit custom made. I'm thinking about getting one made myself.

  4. says: Basosejati

    I am about to buy ann taylor pants, but being confused about their sizing guide, my size is bust/waist/hips : 32/25/34.. what size should I go for petite clothing in ann taylor ? please guide me, thanks in advance..

  5. says: Looking for a suit that fits

    Thank you for your helpful tips. I only recently noticed at banana republic that the fit in the Petite Martin fit black suit pants is different from the other Martin fit which were available in regular any petite sizes! I am in the uk and stumbled on the former online completely by chance as it wasn’t even listed under the suiting section in the petite section! It fitted on me perfectly with perhaps just an inch off the hem. Now I’m on the hunt for the blazer which is now out of stock in the smallest petite size… For reference, I’m 5″2 45kg.

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