Petite XXS at Banana Republic!

So, I’ve noticed something exciting lately on the Banana Republic website. A new size is popping up, and it’s tiny! When I called a Banana Republic representative, she told me they are doing a “test run” on a new petite size XXS to see how it sells. If it sells well, they very well may introduce it as a size for the rest of their petite clothing items! She also told me the BR petites are selling very very well, which is a positive sign that BR will continue to expand their petite line.

I was lucky enough to snag the above silk top in petite XXS before it sold out online, and let me just say I am very excited about this new size. As I reviewed in my earlier post about Banana Republic petite silk tops, the PXS has always fit about 1-2 sizes too large on me. Well, when this baby arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try it on, but was careful not to get too excited, because there was a chance even this size would be too big.

I am happy to say the PXXS is fantastic! It drapes beautifully and doesn’t overwhelm my frame like most silky tops do. I am checking the BR website almost daily for the next PXXS item I want to purchase. Get them while you can, because they are selling out fast!

Here is what is currently available as of today in PXXS. To do a search, click on a clothing item such as “tops”, and then search by size for PXXS. Enjoy!

Call Banana Republic customer service at 1-888-BRSTYLE to leave a comment and let them know we want more petite XXS!

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