Petite Friendly Fashion: Sky Tops

A reader pointed me to this brand a looooong time ago, and I was a little slow in trying them out, but I’m glad I finally did. In soft rayon/spandex blends, Sky tops are great for parties or going out with the girls.  They are trendy and youthful with pretty embellishments and details. And the best part is, they are tiny and stretchy! I tried on tops in both sizes XS and S, and even the S could work for me!
On me in size XS:
This top was really cute! I was impressed the arm holes were nice and high (usually regular sized garments have huge armholes that show my bra…but this one did not), the torso was nice and fitted, and the bust detail was high enough to actually sit where it belonged! The rose details were really close cut to the top, so nothing was hanging off in a potentially overwhelming way. The drape was also nice along my waist and hips.
Top: Sky Top, size S
This top fit, even though it was a size S. An XS would have been way better though, as I could predict this guy slipping down after wearing it for a little while. 
I would like these tops to be a little shorter in length, because I personally prefer hip length tops best on me, but if you have a longer torso, they might work for you right off the rack. Other than that, the fit was great!

I also liked the fabric weight of these tops. The rayon/spandex blends were fairly thick, which I’m sure helps with the drape, and just feels nice. These don’t feel flimsy at all.

So…after all this praise…why didn’t I buy either of these tops?
Sky tops are a bit on the pricey side! I just can’t bring myself to spend $100+ on rayon/spandex, when I can pop into Banana Republic or Ann Taylor and buy a silk garment for less. I know, I know…I’m a bit of a fabric snob…but I just can’t do it.

Sky tops in size XS are a great fit for tiny petite women, but I would suggest catching them on sale if you can.

Shop for Sky tops at:
Saks Fifth Avenue

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  1. says: Alterations Needed

    As far as I've seen, Sky tops are carried in Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's stores, as well as online. They might be more places that I'm not aware of.

    They are super cute, I kinda want to find that flowered top again, but on sale!

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