Petite Recommended Tailors By City

Most tailors can handle a pant hem, but not all of them are as skilled at the alterations petites need to tailor their wardrobes. Below is a list of tailors that have been tried, tested, and recommended by fellow petites, such as petite fashion blogs, readers, and Alterations Needed Forum members (may it rest in peace).

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DISCLAIMER – AlterationsNeeded.com is not affiliated with any of the tailors listed below. Please use this list only as a resource to help you make a decision about using a tailor, or which tailor may fit your needs. AlterationsNeeded.com takes no responsibility for the work quality or actions of the tailors listed below.


US Tailors


Los Angeles

First Class Tailors (yelp) *recommended by Kelly (Alterations Needed) & AN Forum member

Hector’s Tailor Shop (yelp) *recommended by Kelly (Alterations Needed) & Wendy (Wendy’s Lookbook)

San Diego

La Moda (yelp) *recommended by Chibichic & Kelly (Alterations Needed) (good for complicated alterations, not for denim)

Kim’s Alterations (yelp) *recommended by Kelly (Alterations Needed) (great for denim & simpler alterations)

San Francisco

Victor at Celebrity Alterations (yelp) *recommended by a reader (also does leather!)

Vivian at GJ Cleaner (yelp) *recommended by Adela Mei

San Jose/Bay Area

Nancy’s Tailoring (yelp) *recommended by Kelly (Alterations Needed) (Nancy is 4’11”!)

Valley Custom Tailor (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member

Essy’s Tailoring & Clothier (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member




Spotmasters (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member

Consigning Lady and Alterations, 9889 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL, (305) 412-0202 *recommended by AN Forum member



Silver Spring

Kings Custom Tailor (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member




Hemmingway Tailoring and Alterations (website) *recommended by Jean (Extra Petite)


Mr. Hamdi’s (website) (yelp) *recommended by a reader


New Jersey

Jersey City

Daniel Professional Tailoring (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member


Rose Lafferty, (856) 728-7514 *recommended by AN Forum member


New York

New York City (Manhattan)

Ramon Diaz, 306 Mott Street, NY, NY, (212) 226-0747 *recommended by AN Forum member

Alteration Concept (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member

Red Lion Custom Tailoring (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member




Kim’s Tailor Shop (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member

Thu Fashion (website) *recommended by Petite in the City




Martin Tailors (yelp) *recommended by Kristina (Pretty Shiny Sparkly)

Class Tailors (yelp) *recommended by Kristina (Pretty Shiny Sparkly)




Hamza Simrick (Fashion Center), 574 South 23rd Street, Arlington, VA (entrance is on Fern Street up the little set of stairs). (703) 521-6909 *recommended by Cher (a fashion deliberation)



Canada Tailors


North York

Perfect Stitch (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member


Rosewood Cleaners & Tailor * recommended by AN Forum member


Zart Canada (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member

China Town, little store on the upper level of Chinatown Centre *recommended by The Little Dust Princess.

Magic Needle (website) *recommended by Petite in the City

Finest Cleaners (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member


British Columbia


A&R Alterations & Dressmaking (yelp) *recommended by AN Forum member



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