Alterations Needed is one of the founding blogs of the petite online community, and is based on trust and sharing between readers and other petite bloggers. Alterations Needed has created a strong community based on solving the problems and shared hardships of petite women, largely through the experiences and recommendations of like-sized women.

Starting as a personal-style blog, and evolving into a community with the introduction of the Alterations Needed Forum, Alterations Needed serves as a resource for petite women looking to build a wardrobe, discover the meaning of good fit, or just find style inspiration.

This niche includes:

  • Petite women looking for shopping advice and style inspiration.
  • Smaller than average women who have found themselves sized out of contemporary designer and brand sizing.
  • Women with smaller than readily available shoe sizes.

By advertising on Alterations Needed or the Alterations Needed Forum, you are reaching a concentrated niche readership.


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The Alterations Needed community is influential, and growing every month.


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  • Products for:
    • Reviews of relevant products or services (I do not take payments for reviews.)
    • Giveaways.
  • Banner ads. (email kelly@alterationsneeded.com for info)
    • Alterations Needed
    • Alterations Needed Forum

Sizes can be discussed.
Prices subject to change at any time.

  • Companies with relevant products or services to my readership.
  • Companies that offer clothing sized for petite women.
  • Companies that offer small sized shoes and/or accessories.
  • Companies with custom services that can be tailored to the needs of petite women.

Contact Kelly at kelly@alterationsneeded.com to advertise.

I reserve the right to determine a company’s relevance for advertising.
I reserve the right to change advertising policies at any time for any reason.