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Silver Spring

…few vintage pieces and growing up with a jewelry obsessed mother, I know a little bit about the value of fine and costume jewelry. When I saw this bracelet, I loved the look, but was appalled by the price for that cheap, plated metal! Designers have such nerve charging so much for costume! I immediately jumped on Etsy convinced I could find the real deal in sterling silver for way less…and guess what…I did! That same night! Vintage, people. Seriou…

Fresh Kicks

…erfect beat-up sneaker to survive bleach and liquid nitrogen spills. Tough little suckers! How strange it is then that I haven’t worn a sneaker in at least five years…maybe more! Honestly, it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten. I resisted the siren song of the “fashion sneaker“, but seeing them everywhere has brought a sparkle back to my eye for my beloved suede classics. So, this week I went back to my roots and picked up a new pair of fresh kicks. B…

Cinq à Sept Fringe Herringbone

…would make a fun and stylish suit. Or add a graphic tee, leather jacket, and boots to them for another cool look. Frame “Le Pixie” Jeans – Just a reminder that any Frame denim labeled “Le Pixie” denotes a petite fit. I’ve been loving these crop mini boots, but there are different fits too (here & here)….