The Easy Tweak I Use To Style Poofy Scarves

Jacket – AllSaints // size 0
Tank – H&M // size xs
Jeans – Frame “Le Pixie” // size 25
Loafers – Gucci // size 35
ScarfBanana Republic

A long, draped scarf can add color, print or drama to an outfit, but I often have a hard time keeping them from looking too poofy or swallowing me up. Here’s an easy styling tweak if a scarf ever feels too poofy on you…try layering it UNDER your jacket or blazer. It smooths the fabrics for a sleeker silhouette, and it just looks cool.

I liked this scarf because you don’t often see black tropical prints, and it’s a great natural fiber cotton/silk blend that’s soft and gauzy for spring/summer.

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  1. says: Melissa K

    “…it just looks cool” is very legit fashion advice. My poofy scarves are looking to getting dusted off!

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  15. says: fiberfashion

    I found a great trick to style poofy scarves effortlessly! Simply fold the scarf in half, loop it around your neck, and pull the ends through the loop. Wait in the Truck Commenta This technique keeps the scarf neat and stylish, perfect for adding a cozy touch to any outfit.

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