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Jacket – Rebecca Minkoff // size xxs
Tee – Amo Denim // size xs
Jeans – Madewell // size 24 petite // ON SALE!
Boots – Isabel Marant // size 36fr // (another colorON SALE!
Earrings – Dannijo // (vintage lovelies) (Drama!)
SunglassesAhlem “Pont Des Arts”

A very kind woman hung out her car door to yell she liked my outfit. That was nice.

Have you ever had a stranger on the street (with no other agenda *cough*flirting*cough*) gush over something you’re wearing? Have you ever been the gushing stranger? Those interactions have been some of the most wholesome of my life, and even at the risk of it turning awkward (which some do!), I try to compliment strangers when a compliment is due because I know how much it can brighten someone’s day.

Are there any street compliments that still make you feel good? I still think about the woman on the Paris train who gushed over my shoes. It was a dream trip to Paris (we had just gotten engaged) and it totally made my day that I earned a style stamp of approval from a chic Parisian. 🥰

⎯ Outfit Notes ⎯

Isabel Marant Shoe Sizing – I received a question about Isabel Marant boot sizing I thought may be helpful for more people, so here it goes. Isabel Marant sizes her shoes in French sizing, which is different from European sizing. I am size US5, which correlates to size EU35. However, in Isabel Marant, I am size FR36. The number size of your French shoe size will be about one size larger than your European shoe size. Be sure to look very carefully at how the ecommerce store you plan to purchase from indicates the shoe sizes.

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