Little Old Leopard Clutch


BlazerTheory // size 00 // (similar color)
Tee – Madewell // size m
Jeans – Madewell // size petite 24 // (same fit)
Shoes – J.Crew // size 5.5 // (similar) (similar)
Earrings – Dannijo // (vintage lovelies) (also love these)
ClutchClare V.

Anyone remember this bag from the olden days of blogging? Every. Single. Blogger. Had it. 😂

I dug her out the other day and have to admit, it’s still a good bag! Made me think about what wardrobe items have stood the test of time over my 12(!) years of blogging. I’d have to say, it’s the handbags which have really proven to be the best investments.

Clothing silhouettes change and feel dated so quickly, or have to be purged do to size fluctuations. I’ve made some poor (and expensive) shoe decisions. But my handbags have done well to still feel wearable.

The lesson here: I’d tell my younger self to invest in more handbags. Like, I know they’re “over” but I would wear the shit out of that Celine tweed Trapeze bag I saw exactly one time and then never again. Oh, and Chanel. I should have bought so much more Chanel. I can’t touch it at these prices now. 😭

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